"Up the Down Staircase"

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  2. Cast of Characters
  3. Crew
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"Up the Down Staircase"
by Bel Kaufman
7:00pm Thu April 4, 2013
7:00pm Fri April 5, 2013
Wesley Chapel Center for the Fine Arts
30651 Wells Rd  Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
$5.00 Adults, $3.00 Students
About the Play
Sylvia Barrett is a brand new teacher at Calvin Coolidge High School, and she's about to find out whether her formal education and idealism are enough for this rough-around-the-edges student population.  Sylvia must decide whether she can find a way to make this unlikely classroom her new home, or whether she'll rejoin her old friend by accepting a job at a small private college in the country.   Set in the 1960's, this popular high school play is filled with vibrant action and memorable moments.
Check it out!

Production Staff

 Director, Producer  Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Student Director  Matthew Tsvetkov ('15)
 Costume Designer  Melissa Sabalaske ('13)
 Assistant Costume Designer  Taylor Gonzalez ('14)
 Property Master  Alyssa Blackledge ('13)
 Documentary Director  Brianna Loviglio ('13)
 Makeup Designer  Kristina Osada ('13)
 Light & Sound Designer  Kelsey Vinson ('13)
 House Manager  Emma Schlechty ('14)
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Cast of Characters

 Performer  Role
 Ashley St. Charles  Sylvia Barrett
 Bryan Ramos  Paul Barringer
 Alyssa Blackledge  Beatrice Schachter
 Josh McCluskey  J.J. McHabe
 Annalese Andrews  Sadie Finch
 Alexis Blackledge  Charlotte Wolf
 Alexia Rios  Samantha Bester
 Kathryn Smisek  Ella Friedenberg
 Deysha Barbour  Frances Egan
 Tyler Temple  Dr. Clarke
 Kelsey Vinson  Ellen
 Chanz Oliver  Joe Ferone
 Jessica Gonzalez  Alice Blake
 Jessica Negron  Linda Rosen
 Raeann Lindsey  Helen Arbuzzi
 Alexa Rivera  Katherine
 Lilyan Miller  Fran
 Nick Devries  Charles Arrons
 Shelby Heaton  Carrie Blaine
 Meghan Nolan  Elizabeth Ellis
 Ana Castro  Rusty O'Brien
 Emma Bjornsen  Rachel Gordon
 Aaron Schaefer  Lou Martin
 Eric Sumpter  Lennie Neumark
 Natlie Coyle  Jill Norris
 Brandon Blue-Eyes  Edward Williams
 Kat Connelly  Carole Blanca
 Lexus Bontemps  Jose Rodriguez
 Manny Ortiz  Harry A. Kagan
 Taylor Gonzalez  Vivian Paine
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Props & Stage Crew
Designer : Alyssa Blackledge ('13)
Costume Crew
Designer: Melissa Sabalaske ('13)
Documentary Crew
Designer : Brianna Loviglio
Brianna Courchene
Elizabeth Amoros
Elizabeth Duran
Stephanie Ortiz


Asst Designer : Taylor Gonzalez
Alex Mapes
Alexia Andrews
Luisa Alvarez
Marissa McKeel
Tiffany Mirocke
Elianabeth Riley
Leilyn Torres
Sebastian Rosario
Hair & Makeup Crew
Makeup Designer: Kristina Osada
House Crew
House Manager : Emma Schlechty
Abby Hudak
Alex Mapes
Andrea Taylor
Gaby Thomas
Gianna Mojica
Jordan Hardin
Taylor Vandine
Dava Stein
Dixian Montano
Michael Malone
Alberto Padro-Trias
Brooke Sodaro
Chris Frank
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