"The Odd Couple"

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  1. Production Staff
  2. Cast of Characters
  3. Crew
  4. Pictures!
by Neil Simon
7:00pm March 28 & 29, 2003
Wesley Chapel Center for the Fine Arts
30651 Wells Rd  Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
$5.00 Adults, $3.00 Children under 12


About the Play
This is the classic play that spawned a classic movie (with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau) and a beloved TV series (Tony Randall and Jack Klugman).  It's the story of two comically mismatched divorcees - one is a passive-agressive obsessive-compulsive neatnik, and the other is an atrociously disorganized in-debt, filthy slob.

Production Staff

 Director, Set Designer  Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Stage Manager  James Chandler ('03)
 Props Master  Veronica Ortega ('05)
 Publicist  Jennifer Romero ('04)
 Rehearsal Prompter  Amanda Sanborn ('04)
 Scenic Artist  Mrs. Kathy Taylor
 Makeup Artist  Mrs. Renee Gaudet
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Cast of Characters

 Speed  Jennifer Burruano
 Murray  Dana Bomgardner
 Rose  Jennifer Romero
 Vicky  Tanya Follick
 Oscar Madison  Corey Monson
 Felix Unger  Rusty Gillespie
 Gwendolyn  Jaclyn Marchisella
 Cecily  Michelle Jenkins
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Set & Props Crew Costume Crew  Props Crew Publicity Crew
 Designer: Mr. Sean Gaudet  Designer: Alexis Ungerer ('04)   Props Master: V Ortega ('05)  Publicist: Jennifer Romero ('04)
 Ryan Bee
 Robert Benson
 James Chandler
 Rusty Gillespie
 Mike Gutierrez
 Patrick Lane
 Eric Manuelian
 Micah Sieben
 Shiloh Armold
 Desiree Foley
 Jaclyn Marchisella
 Rabecca Delestowicz
 Matt Frankel
 Ryan Grantham
  Rachel Blanset
  Sarah Earle
  Tanya Follick
Art Crew Makeup & Hair Crew  House Crew: Box Office & Lobby
 Scenic Artist: Mrs. Kathy Taylor  Designer: Mrs. Renee Gaudet  Manager: Mr. Sean Gaudet
  Ed Alicea
  Carol Cossio
  Neil Koeberle
  Megan Steward
  Krisy Costanzo
  Rachel Lee
  Marissa Moran
  Danielle Bailey
  Nina Bentkowski
  Lizz Buikema
  Bella Jack
  Lexi Flamio
  Chad Lucas
  Jay Plail
  Deon Puigdomenech
  Trevor Roberts
  Nancy Rogers
  Micah Sieben
  John Salter
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