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  1. Production Staff
  2. Cast of Characters
  3. Crew
  4. Pictures!

Song List

#1 Test Scores Make the World Go Round

#2 I Chopped Down the Cherry Tree (But I Swear It Was in Self Defense)

#3 Assassination is Bad

#4 Let's Go To War

#5 Gotta Get Elected

#6 Everybody Needs a Little FDR

#7 Test Scores (Reprise)

#8 Lincoln the Night Away

#9 Watergate

#10 Who Cares? (The Presidents Who Won't Be Appearing On the Test)

#11 O, Christmas Tree

#12 You Could Be President, Too (But Probably Not)

Words & Lyrics by Sean Gaudet
Music Arranged by Chris Sgammato
based on the short One Act "Presidents!"
written by Sean Gaudet, Kelly Herreid, Katy Jacobs,
Erin Thiele & Meredith Watt
music arranged by Zico Tabet
Wed-Fri March 21-23, 2012
Wesley Chapel Center for the Fine Arts
30651 Wells Rd  Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
Tickets $7 Adults ; $5 Students & Children
About the Play
When a traveling musical troupe comes to a local school to teach kids about the U.S. Presidents, the troupe is surprised to find that the evil Senator Wilson has booked them because they are the worst musical act he could find.  As soon as the kids in the audience fail their multiple-choice test on the Presidents, the Senator is going to make an example of the show - and cancel The Arts across the land!
It doesn't help that behind the scenes, spoiled rich boy Richford is battling for Jessica's affections with newcomer Jake, who is just trying to serve out his court-ordered community service.  Practical joker Crystal is making stuffy Eugene Shakespeare's life miserable, and as soon as the first song is over, beloved community theater fixture Granny goes missing. 
Can the brand new Narrator survive the night without quitting or going crazy?  Is there a talent scout in the audience who could make the play strike it big?  And how can these kids possibly pass their multiple-choice test in the face of some of the most poorly researched songs about the Presidents ever written?  Find out at the WORLD PREMIERE of PRESIDENTS!  THE MUSICAL.

Production Staff

 Producer, Director
 Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Music Director
 Mr. David Martin
 Ms. Stacey Enyart
 Art Design
 Ms. Allison Taylor
 Ms. Kathleen Taylor
 Assistant Director
 Kelsey Vinson ('13)
 Costume Designer
 Brianna Loviglio ('13)
 Props Master
 Jessica Courchene ('12)
 Makeup Designer
 Kristina Osada ('12)
 Hair Designer
 Aly Oquendo ('13)
 Student Choreographers
 Alina Espovich ('12) 
 Natalia Camunas ('12)
 Kelsey Vinson ('13)
 House Manager
 Brandon Blue-Eyes ('14)
 Audio Engineer
 Mr. Dale Miller
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Cast of Characters

 Role  Performer
 Jessica  Alyssa Blackledge
 Richford  Christian Mitchell
 Jake  Eric Marino
 Shakespeare  Lucas Esteves
 Crystal  Beatriz Amunez
 Narrator  Chrissy Herreid
 Bob  Alex Duran
 Granny  Jessica Gonzalez
 Senator Wilson  Julia Todd
 Stage Manager  Jessica Courchene
 Aaron Schaefer
 Brianna Courchene
 Delaney Penn
 Deysha Barbour
 Jasmine Dixon
 Taylor Gonzalez

The Presidential Band

 Eric Guzman  Derek Zemble
 Joseph Cuozzo  Jordan Detz
 Andreas Buss  Chance Nye
 Ethan Taylor  David Becker
 Leslie Zapata  Gabe Martinez
  Matt Aeppel
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Props Mistress
Designer : Jessica Courchene ('12)
Costume Crew
Designer : Brianna Loviglio ('13)
Publicity Crew
Publicist : Kelsey Vinson ('13)
 Aura Amoros
 Emily Rivera
 Nelia Berry
 Shelby Heaton
 Tyler Temple
 Alexis Blackledge
 Courtney Klingebiel
 Gisela Sanchez
 Iain Cameron
 Marissa McKeel
 Angel Laboy
 Kathryn Smisek
 Melissa Sabalaske
 Mercadies Brown
 Nicole Nielsen
Makeup & Hair Crew
Designers : Aly Oquendo ('12)
  & Kristina Osada ('13)
Set & Art Design Crew
Designers : Ms. Alison Taylor
  & Ms. Kathleen Taylor
House Crew
Manager : Brandon Blue-Eyes ('14)
 Abby Hudak
 Chabeli Marrero
 Estephany Cafferata
 Jessica Negron
 Ariel Heaton
 Brianna Amaro
 Cynthia Gionet
 Emily Currie
 Megan Saunders
 Paige McCourt
 Wesley Boehning
Wed 3/21
Thu 3/22


Fri 3/23
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