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  2. Cast of Characters
  3. Crew
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"Employees Must Wash Hands...Before Murder"
"How to Get Back At Your Ex"
"Cannibalism in the Cars"
"Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon"
Thu & Fri October 11 & 12, 2012
Wesley Chapel Center for the Fine Arts
30651 Wells Rd  Wesley Chapel, FL 33545
About the Plays

Employees Must Wash Hands...Before Murder

by Don Zolidis


The Burgatorium is a great place to work, if you don't mind a horrible work environment, horrible food, and horrible co-workers.  Join Ashley as, on her first day, she not only makes the mistake of eating a burger, but watches as her brand new boss, Torok is cruelly murdered and stashed in the freezer.  Who did it?  Could it be Steve, the Fry Master, who's been trying to raise a coup-d'etat?  Could it be the jaded Celia?  Or perhaps Squirmy, the Musical Tapeworm?  The Health Inspector and her Intern will uncover the shocking truth.


How to Get Back At Your Ex

by Kelsey Vinson & Brianna Loviglio


Thespian Prez & VP Kelsey & Brianna have written this hilarious short play about two unlucky people, Brutus and Karen, who have just been through a terrible break up.  Will they be able to get over their ex'es?  Or at least get back at them?  Find out!


Cannibalism In the Cars

adapted from Mark Twain by Jules Tasca


When an avalanche traps 8 U.S. congressmen in their train car, the congressmen begin to wonder: how will they solve the problem of surviving until help arrives?  When one lawmaker proposes cannibalism, the men do the best thing possible: they form a congressional committee to look into the matter.


Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon

by Don Zolidis
The Grimm Brothers wrote 209 fairy tales back in the day, lovable classics like Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, and more!  Could you possibly jam them all into one short 35 minute play?  The answer: kind of.  Watch and see us try!

Production Staff

 Producer, Director
 Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Stage Manager
 Asst. Stage Manager
 Kelsey Vinson ('13)
 Nelia Berry ('13)
 Costume Designers
 Brianna Loviglio ('13)
 Taylor Gonzalez ('14)
 Props Masters
 Alyssa Blackledge ('13)
 Tyler Temple ('14)
 Makeup Designer, Publicist
 Kristina Osada ('13)
 Light & Sound Designer
 Melissa Sabalaske ('13)
 House Manager
 Brandon Blue-Eyes ('14)
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Casts of Characters

"Employees Must Wash Hands...Before Murder"


Thu Cast

Fri Cast

 Brianna Courchene
 Courtney Klingebiel
 Alexia Andrews
 Dixian Montano
 Torok, Mother & Mama Higgin.
 Brittany Lee
 Brianni Hecker
 James Sconiers
 Keyeno Bielman
 Estephany Cafferata
 Kathyrn Smisek
 Jessikah Zayas
 Dava Stein
 Mike Malone
 Bryan Ramos
 Anderson & Birdie
 Brooke Sodaro
 Nicole Vogt
 Announcer &
    Copyright Fairy
 Ana Castro
 Gianna Mojica
 J. Tyler & Defense Attorney
 Amber Bourque
 Cooper Bowlin
 Delaney Penn
 Meghan Nolan
 Jessica Negron
 Alexa Rivera
 Spastic Child
 Selena Reese
 Cooper Bowlin
 Health Inspector
 Yomely Diaz-Fernandez
 Mia Hernandez
 Jordan Hardin
 Lily Miller

"How to Get Back At Your Ex"



 Wally Al-Sayeed
 Kat Connelly
 Extra 1
 Alexia Rios
 Extra 2
 Annalese Andrews
 Extra 3
 Lexus Bontemps
 Peter 1
 Manny Ortiz
 Peter 2
 Chanz Oliver
 Peter 3  Raeann Lindsey
 Peter 4  Mylene Tomas
 Peter 5  Antonio Serrano
 Elena 1  Sarah Tamargo
 Elena 2  Italia Scavo
 Elena 3  Sienna Fonseca
 Child 1  Elianabeth Riley
 Child 2  Maggie Jean
 Child 3  Katlin Dinh
 Child 4  Emma Bjornsen

"Cannibalism in the Cars"

Role Performer
Brianna Loviglio
Taylor Abbott
Alyssa Blackledge
Kristina Osada
Abby Hudak
Kelsey Vinson
Iain Cameron
Melissa Sabalaske
Van Nostrad
Alex Mapes
Another Conductor
Paige Fink

"Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon"

Role Fri Cast
 Narrator 1
 Deysha Barbour
 Narrator 2
 Nelia Berry
 Jordan Bourque
 Girl & Doctor
 Raven Gonzalez
 Dirt Merchant &
   Wicked Stepsister 1
 Emma Schlechty
 Julia Todd
 Enchantress  & Witch 2
 Ellen Taylor
 Devil 1 & Wicket Stepsister 2
 Jessica Gonzalez
 Prince 1 & Devil 2
 Josh McCluskey
 Rapunzel &
   Wicked Stepmother
 Thushara Thomas
 Aaron Schaefer
 Taylor Gonzalez
 Gaby Thomas
 Dwarf 1  Tyler Temple
 Dwarf 2  Kayla Adams
 Snow White  Shelby Heaton
 Prince 2 & Voice of God
 Brandon Blue-Eyes
 The Devil's Grandmother
 Alexis Blackledge
 Cinderella  Cassandra Cross
 Prince Charming &
   Another Actor
 Christian Mitchell
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Stage Crew
 Abby Hudak
 Alexis Foster
 Courtney Klingebiel
 Jessica Negron
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