Winter One Acts : The November Comedies 2011

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  1. Production Staff
  2. Cast of Characters
  3. Crew
  4. Pictures!
"The Faculty Meeting"
"Romance and You"
"Keeping Score"
"Action News: Now with 10% More Action"
Thu & Fri November 3 & 4, 2011
Wesley Chapel Center for the Fine Arts
30651 Wells Rd  Wesley Chapel, FL 33545
Tickets $5.00 ADULTS, $3.00 CHILDREN
About the Plays

The Faculty Meeting

by Michael Soetart


Really. Whatís the big deal? Itís only one position. One teacher. And itís not like youíre being fired. Just laid off...permanently. And besides, it might not even be you. But itís going to be somebody. Will it be the deaf music teacher? The legally blind driversí education teacher? Or any of the other equally talented professionals at Roosevelt High School?


Romance And You

by Chrissy Herreid & Jessica Courchene


Poor misfit Johnny is not exactly a hit with the ladies, until his Conscience appears and shows him that the path to true love lies ... within.


Keeping Score

by Terri Collin


Fun and games become serious business when Grandma and three doting basketball moms gather to watch their boys compete. It's the fourth quarter in a close game. Tension is high. Insults fly as we discover that all the "bad sports" are not on the basketball court.


Action News: Now With 10% More Action

by Christopher Durang
Welcome to WOMG Action News, the most trusted news program since the invention of trust, news, and programs. Join lead anchors Babs Buttlebee and Jim Pickles as they usher us through tonight's top stories -- from adorable killer puppies, to Apocalypse status updates, to an old man grumbling about Email YouTubes. Tune in to WOMG Action News! Or don't and suffer the consequences...

Production Staff

 Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Stage Manager
 Paige Fink ('13)
 Costume Designer
 Chrissy Herreid ('12)
 Props Master
 Jessica Courchene ('12)
 Makeup Designer
 Kristina Osada ('13)
 Hair Designer  Aly Oquendo ('12)
 Kelsey Vinson ('12)
 Light & Sound Designer
 Paige Fink ('13)
 House Manager
 Brandon Blue-Eyes ('14)
 Alex Duran ('13)
 Taylor Abbott ('13)
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Casts of Characters

"The Faculty Meeting"



Nelson Aaron Schaefer
Donaldson-Clark ... Alexis Blackledge
Hooper Alyssa Blackledge
Pitney Angel Laboy-Payan
Crawford Brandon Blue-Eyes
Edwards Brianna Loviglio
Grundy Cassandra Cross
Lowry Chabeli Marrero
Zoltz Deysha Barbour
Cruz Ellen Taylor
Leech Emma Schlechty
Dorfmann Gaby Thomas
Spawn Jasmine Dixon
Zane Jessica Gonzalez
Yorkshire Jiwan Young
Harmon Jordan Bourque
Arnt Josh McCluskey
Richards Julia Todd
Lopez Kareem Bennett
Thompson Kayla Adams
Eugene Lucas Esteves
Lloyd Nelia Berry
Olsenn Nicole Nielsen
Deedlemeyer Raven Gonzalez
Fenster Shelby Heaton
Rothchild Taylor Gonzalez
Nagnel Tyler Temple

"Romance and You"



Jamique Thompson
Alexia Andrews
Single-Celled Organism #1
Jordan Hardin
Single-Celled Organism #2
Alexa Rivera
Gianna Mojica
Delaney Penn
Joshua Foley
Juliet Courtney Klingebiel
Rick Bryan Ramos
Betty Brianna Courchene
Marie Jessica Negron

"Keeping Score"

Role Performer
 Jackie  Chrissy Herreid
Gloria  Aly Oquendo
Lorraine  Jessica Courchene
Mary  Megann Smisek

"Action News: Now With 10% More Action"

Role Performer
 Babs  Abby Fleck
 Cell Phone Girl, Voiceover  Abby Hudak
 Josh, Rick  Alex Duran
 Connie, Monica  Alex Mapes
 Zelda  Alyssa Blackledge
 Gretchen  Brianna Loviglio
 Jim  Chris Zichy
 Kevin  Holly Morris
 Chauncey, Old Man  Iain Cameron
 Tim  Kayti Calkins
 Pam, Veronica  Kristina Osada
 Deep in Debt Guy, Pants Model  Matthew Hurley
 Jeremiah, Gertrude  Melissa Sabalaske
 Cell Phone Guy, Deep Voiceover  Steven Somohano
 Molly, Olivia  Taylor Abbott
 Carl  Zack Watson
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Pantomime Showcase

Show Performers
 The Mime-Off  Chris Zichy
 Chrissy Herreid
 Jessica Courchene
 Caught Cheating  Aaron Schaefer
 Angel Laboy-Payan
 Jordan Bourque
 Tribal Sacrifice  Abby Fleck
 Holly Morris
 Kelsey Vinson


Hair & Makeup Crew
Mia Hernandez
Kathryn Smisek
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