Winter One Acts 2010 : The November Comedies

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  1. Production Staff
  2. Cast of Characters
  3. Crew
  4. Pictures!
"The Seussodyssey"
"10 Reasons I Hate Being a Teenager"
"Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage"
"Wanda's Visit"
Thu & Fri November 18 & 19, 2010
Wesley Chapel Center for the Fine Arts
30651 Wells Rd  Wesley Chapel, FL 33545
Tickets $5.00 ADULTS, $3.00 CHILDREN
About the Plays

The Seussodyssey

by Don Zolidis


If "The Odyssey" had been written by Dr. Seuss you probably would have a) actually read it, and b) laughed an awful lot more.  How much?   Find out tonight!


10 Reasons I Hate Being a Teenager

by Sarah Hudak


Playwright Sarah Hudak shares her angst and rage against the teenage condition, exposing the truth of harmony and beauty in the process.


Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage

by David Ives


Good lord!  There's a mystery afoot at Twicknam Vicarage!  Who's shot Jeremy?  Can Detective Dexter find out?  Are the cheese things really scrumptious?  The only way to find out is COME SEE THE SHOW.  (Or find a copy of the script and read it, but our way is much more fun.)


Wanda's Visit

by Christopher Durang
Marsha is less than thrilled when Jim's high school "romance," Wanda comes to visit.  Just how irritating can one woman be?

Production Staff

 Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Miss Allison Taylor
 Stage Manager
 Garry Cohen ('11)
 Costume Designers
 Amy Valencia ('12)
 Brooke Freeman ('11)
 Props Designer
 Jessica Courchene ('12)
 Makeup Designer
 Sarah Hudak ('11)
 Hair Designer  Mary Osada ('11)
 Vince Evangelista ('11)
 Light & Sound Designer
 Garry Cohen ('11)
 House Manager
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Casts of Characters

"The Seussodyssey"


Thursday Night

Friday Night

Narrator 1  Alyssa Blackledge   Arianna Diaz
Narrator 2  Alex Mapes   Melissa Sabalaske
Odysseus  Alex Duran   Daniel Williams
Ensemble Cast  Paige Fink   Abby Hudak
 Brianna Loviglio   Sarah Simmons
 Corina Atkinson   Katiana Cardona
 Zack Watson   Ana Ishmaku
 Kristina Osada   Matthew Hurley
 Jake Battin   Anyssa Hernandez
 Mollay Curran   Iain Cameron
 Kayti Calkins   Rachel Berenguer
 Thushara Thomas   Raquel Penrod
    Jenny Petty

"Ten Reasons I Hate Being a Teenager"



Dark Blue
Brandon Blue-Eyes
Tyler Temple
Lucas Esteves
Ashley St. Charles
Deysha Barbour
Light Blue
Jasmine Dixon
Ellen Taylor

"Wanda's Visit"

Role Thursday Cast Friday Cast
 Jim  Cody Walker  Vince Evangelista
 Marsha  Mary Osada  Kasey Tanner
 Wanda  Alyssa Oquendo  Caitlin Cameron
 Waiter  Megann Smisek  Jonathon Hogsett

"Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage"

Role Thursday Cast Friday Cast
 Sarah  Chrissy Herreid  Adele Lashley
 Inspector  Chanda Albritton  Crysta Fick
 Mona  Noemi Olascuaga  Dani Haight
 Roger  Deven Bocknor  Benji Matos
 Jeremy  Carl Simmonds  Chris Zichy
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Hair & Makeup Crew
Sarah Hudak
Mary Osada
Kristina Osada
Raquel Penrod
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