Spring One Act Festival 2009

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  2. Cast of Characters
  3. Crew
  4. Pictures!
"Dinner With the MacGuffins"
"Hard Candy"
"The Still Alarm"
Thu & Fri April 16 & 17, 2009
Wesley Chapel Center for the Fine Arts
30651 Wells Rd  Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
Tickets $5 Adults ; $3 Children 11 and under
About the Plays

Dinner With the MacGuffins

by Chris Sheppard & Jeff Grove


They seem like an ordinary family, in an ordinary home, in an ordinary town.  But everything is not what it seems!


Hard Candy

by Jonathan Rand


"Hard Candy" takes a comic look at just what it takes to "get the job" in a series of very different interviews.



by Douglas Craven


In this short play the classroom is dark, the students unable to keep themselves quiet, and the school is in 'lockdown.'  With everything under control, what could go wrong?


The Still Alarm

by George Kaufman

"The Still Alarm" is a good look at the famous "British reserve" that requires politeness, and extreme courtesy at all times - even in the middle of a hotel fire.

Production Staff

 Staff Dinner With The Macguffins hard candy lockdown The Still Alarm
 Producer  Mr. Sean Gaudet  Mr. Sean Gaudet  Mr. Sean Gaudet  Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Mr. Sean Gaudet  Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Miss Allison Taylor
 Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Stage Managers
 Chrissy Bracken ('09)  Karly Muzik ('09)
 Karly Muzik ('09)
 Chrissy Bracken ('09)
 Costume Designers  Lauren Vanhelden ('09)  Karly Muzik ('09)
 Karly Muzik ('09)
 Lauren Vanhelden ('09)
 Props Designer
 Lindsay Hail ('10)  Mark Vicciardo ('09)  Lindsay Hail ('10)
 Mark Vicciardo ('09)
 Set Designer
 Moriah Sobeck ('10)  Mark Vicciardo ('09)
 Moriah Sobeck ('10)
 Mark Vicciardo ('09)
 Makeup Designers
 Cara Dozier ('09)  Cara Dozier ('09)
 Nitza Navarro ('10)
 Nitza Navarro ('10)
 Lauren Bates ('09)  Lauren Bates ('09)
 Lauren Bates ('09)
 Lauren Bates ('09)
 Light & Sound Designer
 Alex Reuille ('10)  Haleigh Whitfield ('09)
 Alex Reuille ('10)
 Haleigh Whitfield ('09)
 House Manager
 Nichol Reeves ('09)
 Nichol Reeves ('09)
 Nichol Reeves ('09)
 Nichol Reeves ('09)
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Casts of Characters

"Dinner With the MacGuffins"


Thursday Night

Friday Night


Mark Vicciardo Zach Frometa


Melissa Reichert Nitza Navarro


Tori Musco Lauren Bates


Karly Muzik Lindsay Hail


Chanel Letourneau Cara Dozier


Bradley Morris Alex Reuille

Agent Smith

Moriah Sobeck Ti'Errica Thompson

Agent Wesson

Haleigh Whitfield Lauren Vanhelden

"Hard Candy"


Thursday Night

Friday Night


Cody Walker Will Ayala


Carl Simmonds Kyle Buchmaier


Sarah Hudak Caitlyn Reid


Meluntra Tucker Kasey Tanner


Caitlin Cameron Hayley Sayers


Garry Cohen Garry Cohen


Jamie Maier Caity Roberts-Lambert


Vince Evangelista Jonathan Hogsett


Benji Matos Scott Lux


Nina Pierre Gabby Fernandez


Courtney Charles Danielle Haight

"Lockdown"  (Both Nights)

Role Performer
Teacher Mary Osada
Adam Dillon Barker
Sarah Shelby Tesio
Mark Jamal Bailey
Chelsea Abby Fleck
Tyler Destiny O'Brien
Liz Alyssa Oquendo
Phil Brooke Freeman
Grade Nine Girl Jessica Courchene

"The Still Alarm" (Both Nights)

Role Performer
 Ed  Tori Musco
 Bob  Chanel Letourneau
 Bellboy  Lauren Vanhelden
 Fireman #1  Cara Dozier
 Fireman #2  Karly Muzik
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Set Crew
House Crew
Natalia Duplan
Noemi Olascuaga
Lisa Rockefeller
Brandy Butler
Jonathan Hogsett
Publicity Crew
Props Crew
Vince Evangelista
Jessica Courchene
Ashley Hibbs
Tori Musco
Amy Valencia
Makeup Crew
Costume Crew
Sarah Hudak
Mary Osada
Carl Simmonds
Moriah Sobeck
Abby Fleck
Melissa Reichert
Steven Somohano
Czarina Teano
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