Winter One Act Festival 2007

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  1. Production Staff
  2. Cast of Characters
  3. Crew
  4. Pictures!
"The Booby Trap"
"15 Reasons Not to Be In a Play"
"The Love of Three Oranges"
Thu & Fri Nov 15 & 16, 2007
Wesley Chapel Center for the Fine Arts
30651 Wells Rd  Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
Tickets $5 Adults ; $3 Children 11 and under
About the Plays


by Lisa Rand


Over the course of a blind date, a woman's actions and emotions are guided by aspects of her personality seated at a nearby table. Which slice of her psyche will seize the evening?


The Booby Trap

by Jonathan Rand


In the near future, an American soldier sits in a combat zone, trapped by a land mine. As he waits to see what will happen to him, scenes from his past, present, and future unfold around him.


15 Reasons Not to Be in a Play

by Alan Haehnel


This is a play about not being in a play, ironically expressed through a hilarious series of monologues, duets, and ensemble scenes. From early traumas involving a glory-seeking elementary school teacher to possible disturbances in the global climate, 15 Reasons Not To Be in a Play keeps the audience guessing just what scenario will be next.


The Love of Three Oranges

by Carlo Gozzi


"The Love of Three Oranges" is based on the improvisational style known as "commedia dell'arte."  In this style, actors are given the main plot points of a piece, but then make up all of the dialogue and supporting actions themselves!    This play is a fairy tale about a prince who falls under a curse and must find a princess inside a magic orange. 
SPECIAL : Tickets to the Winter One Acts 2007 show are FREE to all alumni members of the 2004 cast and crew of "The Love of Three Oranges."  A complimentary ticket list will be in our box office for both nights of the performance.  Come see how a new generation of performers tackle our play!

Production Staff

 Producer, Director  Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Assistant Director  Lauren Vanhelden ('09)
 Costume Designers
 Chanel Letourneau ('10)
 Karly Muzik ('09)
 Props Designer  Christoph Revelia ('08)
 Set Designer  Amanda Blommel ('08)
 Makeup Designers
 Cara Dozier ('09)
 Kelsey Loynaz ('08)
 Josh Dohmann ('08)
 Light & Sound Designer
 Brandon Armstrong ('08)
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Casts of Characters


Thursday Night

Friday Night


Carly Edwards

Kayla Green


Alyssa Luppens

Taylor Hill


Liset Morales

Natalia Duplan


Tiffany Bland

Vanessa Sanchez


Chanel Letourneau

Katie Kennedy


Josh Jeffries

Bradley Morris


Giovanni Pina

Tanner Johnson


Melissa Reichert

Alex Reuille


Katherina Diaz

Lauren Bates


Nichol Reeve

Carly Hobbs


Haleigh Whitfield

Moriah Sobeck



Miranda Ross

Lindsay Hail

Student Director

Tori Musco

Student Director


"The Booby Trap"

Thursday Night

Friday Night


Taylor Dillingham

Brandon Armstrong

The Soldier

Amy Van Heerden

Katherine Vargas


Cayla Crowley

Brennan Decandio

Major Harris

Catherine Zichy

Cailyn Quevedo

Captain Gruss

Josh Dohmann

Andrew Garces


Amanda Blommel

Susan Belliveau


Sydney Boyd

Sydney Boyd

The Lieutenant

Manuel Camunas

Danique Haywood

Drill Instructor

Lexi Davies

Kelsey Loynaz

Caitlynís Mother

Gaige Cortelyou

Ariana Lee

The Corporal

Cara Dozier

Christoph Revelia

The Professor

Karly Muzik

Alana Marshall

Sister Anne

Ashley Jankowiak

Alex Federle


Londa Edwards

Jessica Olarte-Velez


Mark Vicciardo

Christoph Revelia


Megan Russell

Mary Powell


Rosie DeAngelo

Cailyn Quevedo

The Soldierís Mother


"15 Reasons Not to Be in a Play"  (Both Nights)

Performer Role
Ashley Tamargo  Ensemble cast
Caitlyn Reid  Ensemble cast
Jonathan Hogsett  Ensemble cast
Kasey Tanner  Ensemble cast
Lauren Perez  Ensemble cast
Noemi Olascuaga  Ensemble cast
Will Ayala  Ensemble cast
Viktoria Cribbs  Ensemble cast

"The Love of Three Oranges"  (Both Nights)

Performer Role
 Josh Dohmann  the Prince
 Miranda Ross  Ninetta
 Lindsay Hail  Morgana
 Mary Powell  Truffaldino
 Kelsey Loynaz  Clarice
 Christoph Revelia  Leandro
 Andrew Garces  the King
 Susan Belliveau  Devil of the Bellows
 Cara Dozier  Smereldina
 Jessica Olarte-Velez  Doctor #1 & Celio
 Tori Musco  Doctor #2
 Tanner Johnson  Doctor #3
 Cailyn Quevedo  Minstrel
 Mark Vicciardo  Minstrel
 Karly Muzik  Minstrel
 Ariana Lee  Minstrel
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Set Crew
Designer : Amanda Blommel ('08)
House Crew
Manager : Angel Baynard ('09)
Ben Blommel
Alexa Burdewick
Nick DiGioia
Box Office
Angel Baynard
Moriah Sobeck
Robert Newberry (THU 11/15)
Olimpia Dipierro (THU 11/15)
Melissa Pietrecatella (FRI 11/16)
Melanie Hernandez (FRI 11/16)
Publicity Crew
Designer: Josh Dohmann ('08)
Props Crew
Designer : Christoph Revelia ('08)
Susan Belliveau
Dejanee Brinson
Cailyn Quevedo
Lindsay Hail
Mary Powell
Ashley Tamargo
Makeup Crew
"Oranges" & "15 Reasons"
   Designer : Cara Dozier ('09)
"Reservations" & "Booby Trap"
   Designer: Kelsey Loynaz ('08)
Costume Crew
"Oranges" & "Booby Trap"
    Designer : Karly Muzik ('09)
"15 Reasons" & "Reservations"
    Designer : Chanel Letourneau ('10)
Chloe Letourneau
Jessica Olarte-Velez
Lauren Perez
Chrissy Bracken
Andrew Garces
Hayley Sayers
Mark Vicciardo
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