Winter One Act Festival 2006

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  2. Cast of Characters
  3. Crew
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"The Bible in 30 Minutes...Or Less!"
"Check, Please"
"Employees Must Wash Hands Before Murder"
"The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darn World"
Thu-Fri Nov 30 & Dec 1, 2006
Wesley Chapel Center for the Fine Arts
30651 Wells Rd  Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
Tickets $5 Adults ; $3 Children 11 and under
About the Plays

The Bible in 30 Minutes ... Or Less!

by Anton Bucher


Although it’s the most published book in human history, the Bible tends to be a little challenging to read in just one sitting.  Enjoy this retelling of all 1000+ pages of the book, from the creation of Light to the end of the world, in a guaranteed thirty minutes or less, with a cast of thirteen performing all 101 major characters.  It’s the Bible for the modern American attention span!


Check Please

by Jonathan Rand


A man and a woman go to the same restaurant, each hoping to meet that “special someone.”  However, as anyone who’s ever suffered through a blind date knows: who they do meet, on this comical series of horrible matches, is anything but special.  Meet just about every romantic character flaw possible in this one act performance.


Employees Must Wash Hands ... Before Murder!

by Don Zolidis


Can you remember the worst job you’ve ever had? “Employees Must Wash Hands...Before Murder!” features a complete cast of dysfunctional individuals, along with a highly memorable “instructional video” for new employees.  See if you can solve the murder before this play races to its gripping conclusion.


The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darn World

by Jonathan Rand


Wouldn’t it be great if we could take everything that anyone might ever find offensive, and get rid of it?  Now presenting, in an exciting infomercial format: The Scriptcleaner5000!  Watch, in awe, as this amazing new device systematically removes violence, sex, bad words, and everything else offensive from some of the most popular plays in history.


Production Staff

 Producer, Director  Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Assistant Director  Claire Elmblad ('07)
 Costume Designer  Lauren Vanhelden ('09)
 Props & Set Designer  Johora Ramotar ('07)
 Makeup Designer  Megan Russell ('08)
 Megan Russell ('08)
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Casts of Characters

"The Bible in 30 Minutes ... Or Less"

 Performer Role
Wes Ford Narrator
Mary Powell God
Stephen Hopkins lots of people
Karly Muzik lots of people
Rachael Freeman lots of people
Jessica Olarte lots of people
Johora Ramotar lots of people
Kelsey Loynaz lots of people
Amanda Blommel lots of people
Kristina Otero lots of people
Catherine Zichy lots of people
Ariana Lee lots of people
Kyle Adams Timekeeper

"Check, Please"

 Performer Role
Bobby Petitt Guy
Lexi Davies Girl
Brandon Armstrong Brandon
Colby Smith Melanie
Danique Haywood Mark
Katie Gardner Mary, Sophie
Katherine Vargas Linda
Kyle Adams Manny
Manuel Camunas Louis
Margie Williams Pearl
Mary Powell Mimi
Nicholas Ross Ken
Pedro Henry Tod

"The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darn World"

Performer Role
Lisa Noury Shelley
Josh Dohmann Tom
Alex Federle Warren
Amanda Blommel Female Opera Singer
Ashley Jankowiak Williamson
Cailyn Quevedo Mark
Candy Littrell Roma
Cayla Crowley Medea
Chris Revelia Johnny
Desiree Bonilla Jason
Irene Mincuzzi Tybalt
Jessica Olarte Abraham
Joanna Soto Dennis
Johora Ramotar Frankie
Kelsey Loynaz Page/Phantom Cast
Londa Edwards Roger
Megan Dart Lingk
Megan Russell Romeo
Nicole Salce Mercutio
Rachael Freeman Chorus 3
Stephen Hopkins Chorus 2
Susan Belliveau Harper
Wes Ford Chorus 1

"Employees Must Wash Hands...Before Murder"

 Performer Role
Ashley Thomas Samantha
Amy Van Heerden Ashley
Lauren Vanhelden Torok, Mother, Mrs. H
Mark Vicciardo Steve
Bernadette Ricard Celia
Taylor Raftaseth Debbie
Alex Reuille Scabby
Tori Musco Squirmy, Spastic Child
Kim Morin Health Inspector, Ann.
Lindsay Hail Health Insp. Intern
Cara Dozier Birdie, Girl, Anderson
Angel Baynard Fairy of C.W.I.
Brennan Decandio Defense Atty, J. Tyler
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Set & Props Crew
Designer : Johora Ramotar ('07)
Costume Crew
Designer : Lauren Vanhelden ('09)
Publicity Crew
Designer: Megan Russell ('08)
Kyle Adams
Brandon Armstrong
Lexi Davies
Katie Gardner
George Procopis
Desi Arcadi
Andrew Garces
Chanel Letourneau
Irene Mincuzzi
Angel Baynard
Chelsea Butts
Josh Caine
Marianelly Camunas
Wes Ford
Makeup Crew
Designer : Megan Russell ('08)
House Crew
Manager : Miranda Ross ('08)
Katherina Diaz
Londa Edwards
Starlett Hill
Chloe Letourneau
Margie Williams
Box Office
Jasmin Brown (THU)
Carly Edwards (THU)
Rachel Landers (THU)
Moriah Sobeck (FRI)
Haleigh Whitfield (FRI)
Chelsea Wolfe (FRI)
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