"One Acts: "The Lottery" &

"Who Let the Dogs Out?"

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Table of Contents
  1. Production Staff
  2. Cast of Characters
  3. Schedule for Competition
  4. Pictures!
Free ONE ACT Performance!
7:00pm Thu January 13, 2005
Wesley Chapel Center for the Fine Arts
30651 Wells Rd  Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
Thanks to our generous business sponsors
this year, this performance is FREE!
About the Play
"The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson
Slowly, an old town is dying.  But, the dwindling members of this town continue to cling to the old ways.  Old ways which include an annual "Lottery."  A classic, well-known short story, this adaptation is the tale of a town where conformity and tradition conspire to hide a horrifying age-old secret.  What is the mystery of this quiet, farmland village?  Come and find out!
"Who Let the Dogs Out?" by Tanya Follick
This play, written by WCHS' own Tanya Follick, was the winner of the coveted Critics' Choice Award at the District XII Thespians Festival in January, 2004.  A suspense/thriller one act play, this is a story of three teenage girls who are home alone.  Mysteriously, Danielle's dogs keep getting loose from their pen outside, and finding their way inside.  Is it an accident, or something worse?  And, who (if anyone) has let the dogs out?

Production Staff

 Director, Producer, Set Designer  Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Stage Manager  Zico Tabet ('06)
 Costume Designers
 Desiree Foley ('05)
 Nina Bentkowski ('06)
 Set and Property Master  Matt Frankel ('05)
 Makeup Designer  Marissa Moran ('05)
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Cast of Characters

"The Lottery"

 Performer  Role
 Patrick Lane  Joe
 Chad Lucas  Bill Hutchison
 Denise Foshee  Mrs. Dunbar
 Meredith Watt  Miss Bessom
 Tanya Follick  Mrs. Watson
 Marissa Moran  Tessie Hutchison
 Sean Davies  Old Man Warner
 Wes Ford  Delacroix
 Stephen Hopkins  Jack
 Matt Frankel  Martin
 Missy Joseph  Belva
 Kevin Winterfeld  Davy Hutchison
Casie Fogle, Kim Howard, Katy Jacobs, Ashley Richardson, Erin Thiele  Villagers

"Who Let the Dogs Out?"

 Performer  Role
 Ashley Richardson  Danielle
 Courtney Lemay  Jo
 Alley White  Lynn
 Kristen Vasquez  Mrs. Roads
 Deon Puigdomenech  Mr. Roads
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Schedule for Competition

NOTE: Even though we have an afternoon performance, we have no choice but to register at 8am.  There is no afternoon registration.  So, set those wakeup alarms!

Schedule : Saturday January 15, 2005
7:00am Meet at the Drama Room
8:00am Registration at Harrison School for the Arts in Polk County
8:00am Load-in (store all costumes, props, etc.)
8:50am Tech meeting for Sponsors & Stage Managers
9:30am Troupe 4636 - Central HS "15 Minute Hamlet"
10:30am Troupe 6630 - Renaissance Academy "Greater Tuna"
11:30am Troupe 6620 - Nature Coast Tech HS "This Property is Condemned"
12:30pm LUNCH
2:00pm Troupe 4634 - Harrison School for the Arts "The Browning Version"
3:00pm Troupe 4740 - Land o' Lakes HS "Dear Journal"
4:00pm Troupe 6172 - Wesley Chapel HS "The Lottery"
5:00pm Load-out (unload all costumes, props, etc.)
5:30pm Closing Ceremonies
6:00pm Going Home
6:45pm Return to Wesley Chapel High School
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