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  1. Production Staff
  2. Cast of Characters
  3. Crew
  4. Pictures!
by Mary Chase
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama
Thu-Fri October 9-10, 2008
Wesley Chapel Center for the Fine Arts
30651 Wells Rd  Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
Tickets $5 Adults ; $3 Children 11 and under
About the Play
Elwood P. Dowd is a wonderful 47-year old man; happy, kind, generous, and friendly.  He also has something that his sister can't stand: a 6 1/2 foot tall rabbit named Harvey.  Feeling ridiculed in 'polite society' for the last time, Elwood's sister Veta commits Elwood to a mental institution in hopes of ridding herself of Harvey forever.  Comic misdirection ensues, leading Veta to be institutionalized instead!  Who is Harvey?  Is Harvey real?  Is it better to be happy or normal?  And just how useful is it to be 'normal' anyways?  All these questions and more will be answered in "Harvey!"
(This play would later be made into an Oscar-winning movie of the same name.)

Production Staff

 Producer, Director  Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Technical Director  Miss Allison Taylor
 Assistant Director  Chanel Letourneau ('10)
 Costume Designer  Lauren Vanhelden ('09)
 Props Mistress  Lindsay Hail ('10)
 Makeup Designer  Cara Dozier ('09)
 Lauren Bates ('09)
 Set Crew Chief  Moriah Sobeck ('10)
 Light & Sound Designer
 Melissa Reichert ('10)
 House Manager  Alex Reuille
 Audio Engineer  Mr. Dale Miller
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Cast of Characters

 Role  Performer
 Elwood P. Dowd  Bradley Morris
 Veta Simmons  Karly Muzik
 Myrtle Mae Simmons  Tori Musco
 Ruth Kelly  Carly Edwards
 Dr. Lyman Sanderson  Tanner Johnson
 Wilson  Dillon Barker
 Dr. Chumley  Mark Vicciardo
 Judge Gaffney  Cara Dozier
 Mrs. Chauvenet  Lindsay Hail
 Miss Tewskbury & Miss Johnson  Vanessa Sanchez
 Betty Chumley  Kasey Tanner
 E.F. Lofgren (the Taxi Driver)  Rosie DeAngelo
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Props Mistress
Designer : Lindsay Hail ('10)
Costume Crew
Designer : Lauren Vanhelden ('09)
Publicity Crew
Publicist : Lauren Bates ('09)
Cassandra Deal
Jessica Courchene
Kasey Tanner
Tori Musco
Carl Simmonds
Chrissy Herreid
Karly Muzik
Chrissy Bracken
Vince Evangelista
Makeup Crew
Designer : Cara Dozier ('09)
Set Crew
Crew Chief : Moriah Sobeck ('10)
House Crew
Manager : Alex Reuille
Kayla Long
Lauren Bates
Mary Osada
Sarah Hudak
Caitlyn Reid
* Carly Edwards (except rehearsal dates)
Melissa Reichert
Nichol Reeves
Savannah Mize
Tierrica Thompson
Box Office
Tierrica Thompson
Vince Evangelista
Ashley Tamargo
Caitlin Cameron
Garry Cohen
Taylor Dillingham
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