"Guys & Dolls Jr."

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  1. Production Staff
  2. Cast of Characters
  3. Crew
  4. Pictures!
presented before there was even a theater at Wesley Chapel High School,
7:00pm May 26, 2000
at the Victorious Life Church
in Wesley Chapel
$5.00 Adults, $3.00 Children under 12
About the Play
"Guys & Dolls, Jr." was the first performance ever put on by Wesley Chapel High School.
Before there was a Troupe 6172, before there was a theater, and back when the Drama program was just 2 classes offered in tiny Room 208 by a surprised English teacher who was suddenly teaching Drama ... there was "Guys & Dolls, Jr."
That "Junior" is in there because this was a special 1-hour adaptation of the classic, and thank goodness it was only an hour!  In this play, all four leads, plus a minor character, collectively quit ten days before the production began because they believed the musical would not be of a high enough quality to be featured in.  Their resignations were accepted.  Unbelievably the cast rallied, took on new roles, learned songs and choreography in lightning-fast time and put on the show anyways, to both a packed audience and a standing ovation.  Hooray!
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Production Staff

 Director, Producer  Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Music Director, Choreographer  Mrs. Mary Harvey
 Costume Design
 Mrs. Addie Brill
 Technical Advisor  Mrs. Kathy Taylor
 Student Director, Stage Manager  Monica Andersen ('02)
 Light & Sound Design
 Mr. Glen Harris
 Makeup Artist  Mrs. Cindy Gillespie
 Playbill, Tickets, Sound Booth  Mr. Sean Gaudet
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Cast of Characters

 Nathan Detroit  Joshua Suarez
 Miss Adelaide  Lorynn Young
 Sky Masterson  Brian Russo
 Sarah Brown  Melissa Domenech
 Nicely-Nicely Johnson  Alex Masters
 Arvide Abernathy
 Rachel Joyce 
 Benny Southstreet  Rusty Gillespie
 Harry the Horse  James Chandler
 Big Jule  T.J. Daffron
 General Cartwright  Paige Maskavich
 Lt. Brannigan  Jackie Gillespie
 Shannon Gillespie
 Veronica Padilla
 Elizabeth Womack
 Angie the Ox
 Angel Domenech


 Amanda Allen  Sheena Ash  Lauren Bartke
 Renee Chapman  Frances Clark  Brandel Constance
 Shannon Gillespie  Christie Joyce  Lori O'Brien
 Monique Raguse  Nancy Rogers  Ryan Sabean
 Peter Sobotka  Toni Spencer  Rose Spina
 Laticha Timmons
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 Scenery & Props Crew
 Designers: Mr. Sean Gaudet
                    Mrs. Mary Harvey
 Costume Crew
 Designer: Mrs. Addie Brill
 Makeup Crew
 Designer: Mrs. Cindy Gillespie
 Monica Andersen
 Thomas Flessas
 Robert Guilford
 Rachel Joyce
 Laila Kail
 Alisha Medina
 Meagan Nolan
 Elizabeth Womack
 Jamie Wood
 Brandel Constance
 Ms. Lucy Domenech
 Candace Hurlburt
 Tiffany Hurlburt
 Ashley Sobotka
 Jessica Doucette
 Alisha Medina
 Lisa Tully
 On-Stage Crew
 Manager: Monica Andersen ('02)
 Sales and Lobby
 Manager: Mrs. Mary Harvey
 Jessica Doucette
 Thomas Flessas
 Alisha Medina
 Lisa Tully
 Jamie Wood
 Tri-M Club
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