"Go Ask Alice"

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Table of Contents
  1. Production Staff
  2. Cast of Characters
  3. Crew
  4. Pictures!
by Frank Shiras
adapted from the diary of an anonymous girl
7:00pm November 21 & 22, 2003
Wesley Chapel Center for the Fine Arts
30651 Wells Rd  Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
$5.00 Adults, $3.00 Children under 12


About the Play
"Go Ask Alice" is based on the real-life diary of a girl who died in her bedroom of a drug overdose. Tricked, and then seduced into the world of drug use, Alice lives a roller-coaster of wild highs and devastating lows. She trades in her old life for a new one which centers around new friends, and new drug experimentation, culminating in her running away. Once she starts, she canít seem to get herself out, no matter how hard she tries. "Go Ask Alice" manages to be about drugs, and how they ended a young girlís life, without sounding preachy or overly moralistic. The story simply tells itself, as Alice wrote it in her diary.

Production Staff

 Director  Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Assistant Director  Veronica Ortega ('05)
 Costume Designer  Mariela Silvia ('04)
 Set Designer  Lizz Buikema ('04)
 Publicist  Libby McCleland ('04)
 Stage Manager Asst.  Christine Lazo ('05)
 Makeup Artist  Mrs. Renee Gaudet
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Cast of Characters

 Alice Aberdeen  Jaclyn Marchisella
 Alexandria Aberdeen  Rabecca Delestowicz
 Helen Aberdeen  Dana Bomgardner
 Douglas Aberdeen  Deon Puigdomenech
 Tim Aberdeen  Sean Davies
 Beth  Tanya Follick
 Samuel  Jason Jenson
 Jill Peters  Amanda Sanborn
 Gloria  Erin Thiele
 Jan Fujara  Marissa Moran
 Bill Thompson  Ryan Grantham
 Chris Vetrano  Lizz Buikema
 Joe Driggs  Zico Tabet
 Freddie  Jessie Moreira
 Peg  Meredith Watt
 Sheila  Amy Malatak
 George  Micah Sieben
 Joel Reems  Patrick Coy
 Marge  Katy Jacobs
 Gertrude  Libby McCleland
 Babbie  Ashley Richardson
 Tom  Yushi Torres
 Doctor Miller  Elizabeth Cate
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Set & Props Crew Costume Crew Publicity Crew
 Designer: Lizz Buikema ('04)  Designer: Mariela Silvia ('04)  Designer: Libby McCleland ('04)
 Tiffany Caine
 Patrick Lane
 Ashley Fogg
 Jay Freeman
 Patrick Lane
 Eric Manuelian
 Shiloh Armold
 Desiree Foley
 Jaclyn Marchisella
 Dana Bomgardner
 Tanya Follick
 Micah Sieben
Makeup/Hair Crew House Crew: Ushers House Crew: Box Office
 Artist: Mrs. Renee Gaudet  Manager: Mr. Sean Gaudet  Manager: Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Jennifer Burruano
 Missy Joseph
 Rachel Lee
 Kim Mabe
 Marissa Moran
 Ashley Richardson 
 Ryan Bee (FRI)
 Nina Bentkowski (FRI)
 Jessica Etter (FRI)
 Lindsay Fleming (FRI)
 Kim Howard (SAT)
 Brittney Scott (SAT)
 Shane Stone (SAT)
 Kevin Winterfeld (FRI)
 Denise Foshee (SAT)
 Heather Johnson (SAT)
 Kevin Kimble (FRI)
 Annette Worth (FRI)
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