The 15th Annual Wesley Chapel
Independent Film Festival
Thursday May 1, 2015
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*** This Year's Featured Films ***


*** Individual Award Winners ***

Best Sound Design
Best Original Screenplay
Best Cinematography

Best Costume Design
Best Editing
Best Supporting Actress

Best Supporting Actor
Best Actor
Best Actress
  Elianabeth Riley, "Maniaphobia"
  Emma Bjornsen, "Somewhere BoxTM"
  Matthew Tsvetkov, "Friendly Fire"

  Delaney Penn, "For the Love of Frank"
  Matthew Tsvetkov, "Somewhere BoxTM"
  Kat Connelly, "Maniaphobia"

  John Wiggins, "The Last Job"
  Matthew Tsvetkov, "Somewhere BoxTM"
  Dixie Montano, "A Night to Remember"



*** Individual Award Nominees ***