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Film Festival, 2002
"The Shady Bunch"
A retelling of the classic "Brady Bunch"
through the eyes of a multicultural, dysfunctional "bunch."
Mike Asfaw ('05)
Dominic Brooks ('05)
EJ Cabrera ('05)
Keri Indelicato ('04)
Christine Lazo ('05)
Marissa Moran ('05)
"Seeking Rolanda"
Those crazy sketch artists are at it again, with seven comic shorts including the memorable "scumbag" scene.
Patrick Coy ('02)
Thomas Flessas ('02)
Paige Maskavich ('03)
Alex Masters ('03)
"This is My Life"
A story told from the point of view of a suicidal boy.
"5:49: The News Between The News"
A news spoof complete with a sports cast, a commercial break,
and a film review.
"H.E.Z. Private Eye"
A detective story about a murder.
Paula Clausnitzer, "This is My Life"
Film Festival, 2001
"Chinese Takeout and Baby w/Beardz II"
A comedy about five  people being reincarnated
into different things several different times,
and all dying at the same time.
Thomas Flessas ('02)
Jimmy Gocay ('02)
Alex Masters ('03)
Joanna Rodrigue ('03)
Josh Suarez ('03)
"Dukes of Wesley Chapel"
A spoof of the classic "Dukes of Hazzard" show.
Nathan Blackburn ('04)
Lizz Buikema ('04)
Pete Pemberton ('03)
Casey Walsh ('02)
"The Cage"
A dramatic movie about an insane asylum.
"The Elite"
A film about The Elite, a small club of the "elite" attending Wesley Chapel High School.
A horror film about a group of friends being killed off one by one
 by a mysterious murderer.