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  2. Cast of Characters
  3. Crew
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Rodgers & Hammerstein's
classic childhood musical
7:00pm May 3 & 4, 2002
Wesley Chapel Center for the Fine Arts
30651 Wells Rd  Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
$5.00 Adults, $3.00 Children under 12
About the Play
A huge musical, WCHS' largest undertaking to date, and for the next couple of years.  This musical included a live orchestra, a professional choreographer, dozens of custom-made costumes, amazingly tall sets (for 7 different locations), and of course the requisite cast dramas as well.
Based on the classic tale of Cinderella, and how she finds her Prince Charming, "Cinderella" was the perfect musical for a community still dealing with the after-effects of the NY terror attacks.  Hopeful, romantic, and (of course) with a happy ending, Mr. Gaudet wasn't the only one with the idea to turn to fantasy in those times.  Two "Cinderella"  adaptations are shown on TV, as well as the original classic during the month before, during, and after the performances.
From the program description:
"Cinderella is the classic story of a simple girl, living with an awful stepmother and two horrid step-sisters.  When the Prince throws a ball in order to find his true love, all of the single women in the kingdom plan to attend, except for Cinderella.  However, when her step-family leaves for the night, Cinderella's magical Godmother arrives and casts a spell turning her pumpkin into a coach, and her rags into a beautiful gown -- but only until midnight. 
Cinderella meets the Prince and they fall instantly in love.  However, when the clock strikes twelve, Cinderella runs away before the magic spell can be unwound.  Behind she leaves a confused Prince and one glass slipper.  Will the Prince ever find his mysterious love?  You'll have to wait until Act II to find out."
Shy from the epidemic of role-abandoning in "Guys & Dolls," "Cinderella" is performed with a "split cast."  This basically means that one cast will perform on Friday night, and the other on Saturday night.  If somebody quits, no problem; the same actor performs on both nights.  On an "off-night," an actor performing a lead role becomes a choral member.
Backed by lots of publicity, "Cinderella" becomes Troupe 6172's best-selling live performance.  It still ranks as the highest-grossing performance in the troupe's history as of this writing (Sep 2004). 
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Production Staff

 Director, Producer  Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Student Director  Alex Masters ('03)
 Orchestra Director  Mrs. Mary Harvey
 Ms. Julie McPheron
 Vocal/Choral Director  Ms. Valerie Gillespie
 Costume Designer  Mrs. Addie Brill
 Props Master
 Mrs. Renee Gaudet
 Hair & Makeup  Ms. Enid Caropreso
 Program & Copying  Mr. Joseph Geier
 Technical Assistance  Mr. Tom McHugh
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Cast of Characters

 Character  Friday May 3, 2002  Saturday May 4, 2002
 Cinderella  Lexi Flamio
 the Prince  Brent Smith
 King  Deon Puigdomenech
 Queen  Melissa Domenech  Paige Maskavich
 Amanda Sanborn
 Portia  Shannon Gillespie  Elizabeth Cate
 Joy  Chloe Geiger  Sarah Fox
 Godmother  Jennifer Martina  Krisy Costanzo
 Herald  Rusty Gillespie


 Laci Boyette  Rabecca Delestowicz  Dani Hamel
 Christine Lazo  Marissa Moran  Neesheta Patram
 Alexis Ungerer  Cristalyn Stokes  Daniel Weisgarber
 Alex Wilhelmsen  Katie Williams


Stephanie VanDurme
Kaitlyn Sanzo
Vaughn Estrada
Tom Harvey
Jose Moya
Amanda Botteron
Alisha Harrison
Monica Chapin
Mr. Vail
Kyle Radd
Daniel Fagan
Jason Jackson
Jennifer Fagan
Alex Huffstutler
Bass Clarinet
Daniel Sandoval
Thomas Betts
French Horn
Michael Morales
Austin Varga
Matt Frankel
Mr. McKinney
Mrs. Elkins
Joe Tiemann
Phillip Morales
Mrs. Harvey
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 Set Crew
 Designer: Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Publicity Crew
 Chief: Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Makeup Crew
 Designer: Mrs. Cindy Gillespie
 Alex Masters
 Jason Boyette
 Donald Chapin
 Krisy Costanzo
 Jessica Etter
 Chloe Geiger
 Rusty Gillespie
 Jeff Hartzner
 Lee Ink
 Corey Monson
 Micah Sieben
 David Singletary
 Bruce Troisi
 Rusty Gillespie
 Rachel Lee
 Jennifer Martina
 Alex Masters
 Deon Puigdomenech
 Brent Smith
 Nicole Frier
 Rachel Lee
 Emily Wells
 On-Stage Crew
 Manager: Alex Masters ('03)
House Crew
Business Mgr: Mr. Sean Gaudet
Community Volunteers
 Bridget Bordeaux
 Lizz Buikema
 James "Ox" Chandler
 Patrick Coy
 Jessica Etter
 Corey Monson
 Micah Sieben
Box Office
Bella Jack
Adam Lamb
Jessie Luczynski
Meagan Wheeling
Meagan Andersen
Jennifer Burruano
Anne Good
Ryan Grantham
Bill Hippenmeier
Paul Janeway
Vicki Joffrion
Nicole McDaniel
Carrie Monzon
Mr. Michael Gaudet
Mr. Hardy Gillespie
Ms. Jacquelynn Gillespie
Mr. David Monson
Mr. Robert Williams
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