"Caught in the Act"

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  2. Cast of Characters
  3. Crew
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featuring the guided-improv
"The Love of Three Oranges"
showcasing scenes from Wesley Chapel High School's best performers
7:00pm April 16 & 17, 2004
Wesley Chapel Center for the Fine Arts
30651 Wells Rd  Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
$5.00 Adults, $3.00 Children under 12


About the Play
"Caught in the Act" is really two main performances.
The first is "The Love of Three Oranges" which is based on the improvisational style known as "commedia dell'arte."  In this style, actors are given the main plot points of a piece, but then make up all of the dialogue and supporting actions themselves!  A good example would be "Little Red Riding Hood."  Everybody knows the main plot and characters -- but everyone would put on "Little Red Riding Hood"  just a little bit differently.  The plot is about a prince who falls under a curse and must find a princess (trapped in an orange).  The main comedy of this piece, however, goes in the telling.
Our production concept was to have EVERYONE on stage all the time.  Meaning that one character might be the King in one scene, but since the King doesn't appear in the next scene, he might turn into a knight, or a section of wall, or a mountaintop.  Also, all costume changes take place ON STAGE in full view of the audience - turning scene changes into comedic pieces of their own.  Not content with this level of challenge, the troupe then performs the entire half-hour piece in 10 minutes as a challenge, and then again in only 5 minutes.
The second main performance is the Scene Showcase which features a wide range of brief, 5-minute scenes.  These included traditional scenes, pantomimes (to music), and monologues.
Altogether, all these performances add up to one thing: being "Caught in the Act."

Production Staff

 Director  Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Assistant Director  Rabecca Delestowicz ('04)
 Costume Designer  Jaclyn Marchisella ('05)
 Property Master  Ashley Fogg ('06)
 Lighting Designer  Rachel Lee Manyo ('04)
 Publicist  Libby McCleland ('04)
 Sound Designer  Amanda Sanborn ('04)
 Makeup Designer  Marissa Moran ('05)
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Cast of Characters

"The Love of Three Oranges" Scene Showcase
Performer Role
"The First Kiss"
Denise Foshee & Chad Lucas

"Oh Dad, Poor Dad"
Frank Freeman & Jaclyn Marchisella"

"Happy Anniversary, Punk!/Brothers"
Sean Davies

Lizz Buikema, Rabecca Delestowicz, Amanda Sanborn

"The Spy"
Jon Blacklidge & Samantha Kelly

Nina Bentkowski, Rachel Lee Manyo & Tisa Moore

Stephanie Arias

"Five Women Wearing the Same Dress"
Kelly Herreid, Katy Jacobs, Erin Thiele & Meredith Watt

 Sean Davies  the Prince
 Katie Lanni  Ninetta
 Amanda Sanborn  Morgana
 Zico Tabet  Truffaldino
 Samantha Kelly  Clarice
 Jason Jenson  Leandro
 Patrick Lane  the King
 Katy Jacobs  Celio
 Jessie Moreira  Devil of the Bellows
 Tiffany Caine  Smereldina
 Erin Thiele  Baker's Wife
 Desiree Foley  Doctor #1
 Stephanie Arias  Doctor #2
 Elizabeth Cate  Doctor #3
 Jaclyn Marchisella  Maiden #1
 Rachel Plate  Maiden #2
 Stephen Hopkins  Choral player
 Meredith Watt  Choral player
 Casie Fogle  Choral player
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Props Crew
Chief: Ashley Fogg
Tanya Follick
Ryan Grantham
Kevin Winterfeld
Costume Crew
Chief: Jaclyn Marchisella
Jon Blacklidge
Lizz Buikema
Kelly Herreid
Publicity Crew
Chief: Libby McCleland
Nina Bentkowski
Patrick Lane
Makeup Crew
Chief: Marissa Moran
Nina Bentkowski
Missy Joseph
Kim Mabe
Ashley Richardson


House Crew
Chief: Mr. Sean Gaudet
Box Office
Dana Bomgardner
Amy Malatak
Kristee Feaster
Lindsay Fleming
Alison Rosenberg
Mandy Sobeck
On-Stage Crew
Jon Blacklidge
Lizz Buikema
Kelly Herreid
Eric Manuelian
V Ortega
Deon Puigdomenech
Mariela Silvia
Annette Worth
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