"A Christmas Carol"

and "Countdown to New Years"

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"A Christmas Carol" adapted by Troupe 6172 Playwrights
from the classic Charles Dickens
short story
"Countdown to New Years" by Ryan Sabean, winner of WCHS Playwriting Competition
7:00pm December 6 & 7, 2002
Wesley Chapel Center for the Fine Arts
30651 Wells Rd  Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
$5.00 Adults, $3.00 Children under 12
About the Plays
"A Christmas Carol," a completely wonderful classic Christmas tale, was shamelessly adapted by four Troupe 6172 playwrights.  The new version, featuring a hilariously poor Cratchit family, a 1970's Ghost of Christmas Past, and a Ghost of Christmas Present oddly reminiscent of President Clinton, as well as the classically unrepentant Ebenezer Scrooge was the first play to be written, directed, and performed by our troupe.
"Countdown to New Years" was written by student playwright Ryan Sabean, winner of the 2002 Playwriting Competition.  It starred a young Sean Davies in his premiere role as Kris Rains - a man who is met by an angel who later on turns out to be an ordinary girl, much to the surprise/fatigue of the student playwright.  Hilarious?  No.  Touching, moving, and simply amazing?  But of course.

Production Staff

 Director  Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Stage Manager  James Chandler ('03)
 Mr. Sean Gaudet
 Rusty Gillespie ('03)
 Corey Monson ('03)
 Paige Maskavich ('03)
 Set Designer  Corey Monson ('03)
 Props Master  Rabecca Delestowicz ('04)
 Costume Designers
 Rachel Plate ('05)
 Alexis Ungerer ('05)
 Makeup Designer  Krisy Costanzo ('03)
 Publicist  Paige Maskavich ('03)
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Cast of Characters

"A Christmas Carol"

 Ebenezer Scrooge  Alex Masters
 Bob Cratchit  Rusty Gillespie
 Poor Customer  Rachel Plate
 Sick Child  Jennifer Romero
 Donation Worker  Jaclyn Marchisella
 Jennifer Burruano
 Pamela Worth
 Casie Fogle
 Marley  Annette Worth
 Ghost of Christmas Past  Patrick Coy
 Young Scrooge  Ryan Sabean
 Jenny  Krisy Costanzo
 Mrs. Goodman  Rabecca Delestowicz
 Trevor Roberts
 Matt Frankel
 Ghost of Christmas Present
 Michael Gutierrez
 Mrs. Cratchit
 Sarah Fox
 Janey Cratchit
 Tanya Follick
 Martha Cratchit
 Dana Bomgardner
 Peter Cratchit
 Deon Puigdomenech
 Michael Cratchit
 Stephen Radcliff
 Tiny Tim
 Corey Monson
 Ghost of Christmas Future
 Michelle Jenkins
 Libby McCleland
 Jessie Luczynski
 Denise Foshee
 Alexis Ungerer
 Dani Hamel
 Nancy Rogers

"Countdown to New Years"

 Kris Rains  Sean Davies
 Ms. Lara McKinney  Paige Maskavich
 Audrey Operator  Casey Brassart
 Answering Machine  Marissa Moran
 Gwen Harlo  Kaitlyn Sanzo
 Mr. Locke  Ryan Grantham
 Marilyn Crow  Sharon Shiver
 Mrs. Rains  V Ortega
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Tech Crew Publicity Fundraisers Special Thanks
 Lizz Buikema
 James Chandler
 Patrick Coy
 Amy Fiallo
 Rusty Gillespie
 Mike Gutierrez
 Jaclyn Marchisella
 Corey Monson
 Jennifer Burruano
 Jessica Etter
 Jaclyn Marchisella
 Trevor Roberts
 Alex Masters
 Mrs. Renee Gaudet
 Mrs. Pauline Grawey
 St. Vincents' DePaul Resale Shop
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