Winter Comedy Festival 2006

November 30 & December 1, 2006


Pictures by Cailyn Quevedo ('08).  Captions by Mr. G.

Here, Amanda demonstrates why you should never stand in front of two people actively using spray paint cans.

Jessica, happily painting the AC-ducting that will eventually be the body of "Squirmy the Tapeworm."

Megan and Amanda hold while Jessica spray paints.

710 helpful people look on while the actual work is done.

Fully extended, the tapeworm body is 25 feet long.

Jessica's all "whoosh!" and Amanda's like "Oh!" and then Megan was all "What?!"

Chanel pretests a Rent scarf backstage.

This is not Josh's actual hair.

Serious negotiations take place backstage in the Costume department.

Cailyn and Andrew take time out of their busy schedule to smile for a picture.

For the hilarity of this picture, simply compare Josh's pants size with Josh's actual body size.

Hardcore table-flipping is what we're all about.

The "Check Please" props table is, of course, where the REAL backstage action is.

Catherine comes running in, breathless, with a set of costumes. Everyone is grateful to see her.

Ariana and Kyle look on disinterestedly while Mary shows them her "I Can Eat My Hand!" trick.

Katie, just seconds after we awoke her from her coffin.

Lauren and her metal tankard of ... something.

Andrew, looking through costumes.

Mary, right after her "Look I Can Poke My Eye Out With My Thumb!" trick.

Back in the makeup room, Cayla and Amanda get the makeup treatment from Megan and Lexi.

Irene defends her "free and easy Italian style" to Chanel.

It gets busy in the makeup room.

Londa does something to Rachael's forehead.

Real men wear lipstick.

Why? Because they're HARDCORE THESPIANS.

Chloe does somebody's hair. My best guess is that it's somebody ... with ... hair.

Lexi is thrilled to apply Josh's makeup.

Chanel becomes extremely focused when pinning togas together. She just gets like that.

Lisa kindly helps Christoph blow his nose. What a team player!

Margie fixes Kim's hair as Kim winces in extreme pain.

Brennan, kind of looking at the camera.

Mark's hair matched his apron before he inexplicably redyed his hair on Opening Night.

Tori as the Spastic Child looks considerably different from Tori the Musical Tapeworm.

Interesting trivia fact. Kelsey had as many lines as the "Phantom" cast member as she did as the "Page."

The cast of "Check Please" is ready for makeup.

Bobby "Deadly Head Injury" Petitt is up and ready for action.

Just a little something for Megan and Bobby's fans.

Manuel, as a football player, is thrilled to hear that makeup is part of the deal with being an actor.

More makeup craziness.

I'm not exactly sure what this exchange of glances means.

When Megan applies makeup, her hands blur.

Kyle on the night they didn't try flat-ironing his hair.

Chloe and Danique, clearly becoming the closest of friends.

Pedro lobbies for more relaxed dress code at WCHS.

The good news? You got a part in the play! The better news? You're going to be a singing tapeworm!

Colby and Katherine, hanging out backstage.

Put all together, it's actually a costume. I SWEAR.

Quietly, backstage, as the show goes on - Andrew on Costume Crew gets Kim ready for her next scene.

Joanna, before she makes the daring costume change into Drug Girl.

Megan tells Josh to shut up, stop whining, and get back out there and ACT.

Rachael demonstrates how the Ancient Romans would have performed the Macarena.

Suhalie works her makeup magic.

Right before my oh-so-inspirational speech for Opening Night. I think it was about togetherness or something like that.

Assistant Director Claire tells Catherine that she is tired of playing "Hide and Seek" with Andrew.

"Scabby go back in hole."

"Ssshhh!! It's almost time to go on!"


Pictures courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Davies.  Captions by Mr. G.

Scenes from "The Least Offensive Play In the World."

Tom (Josh) feels things very, very deeply. Shelley (Lisa) is disconcertingly upbeat about everything.

The ScriptCleaner 5000 cleans up scenes, so there's nothing an audience can be upset by!

This is a scene from Romeo & Juliet.

Nicole was in love with her matador costume. She bragged about it all the time. Yep, she sure loved it.

Death by balloon is one of the Leading 1,741 Causes of Death in onstage productions. True story!

This is not a toga story. It's everyone's favorite baby-slaying play, "Medea."

Cayla killed both chickens AND pineapples in her quest for vengeance.

Frankie and Johnny were lovers.

Red hot lovers.




Also shown, Joe, the star of the scene (not pictured).

Try as she may, Harper (Sue) can just not shake straightness into Joe's character.

Cailyn and Londa ARE the Cast of "Rent."

Scenes from "Check Please."

Tim Allen just Cracks. Me. Up!

Colby plays a cute little girl who goes psychotic about the Bears.

Da Bears.

Rawz is all crazy-smooth with Lexi here.

Ja mon.

Here, Katie shows Bobby her OCD-Control side.

What's the matter? Don't you like the name Madison?

Margie steals things.

Including place settings, menus, flowers, and centerpieces. (true story!)

Pedro is 5 years old.

His favorite animal is : The Elephant.

Here, Katie is very old. Get it?

Brandon is a Method actor.

Lexi is all about Brandon at first, but then it turns out ...

That she likes flinging water over his head more than him.

Katherine actually has 171 documented personalities.

One is even a monkey!

Isn't Kyle charming?

I mean really, the bow tie completely sells this character.

Conversation with Mary is kind of one-sided.

She eats pantomime food, so she's actually pretty cheap to take out.

Danique would say, "That's *your* opinion."

Then Lexi and Bobby met each other. <3

Scenes from "Employees Must Wash Hands Before Murder"

Mark has to deal with anger on a daily basis.

Bernadette's face really sells this picture.

Much of the cast - including both Scabby and Mark who kind of looks like Chantecler from "Rock a Doodle"

Here they are again, at a slightly different angle!

Taylor (all the way to the left) had her torrid love scene with Scabby cut. She was muy disappointed.

Tori can be surprisingly spastic.

That's right ladies, he's SINGLE!

Hellzyeahhhhhh Health & Human Services in DA HOUSE. Woopwoop.

The picture that will single-handedly prevent Cara from ever recieving an Oscar.

Angel is the Fairy of Copyright Infringement. Brennan is a hotshot lawyer. (Others also pictured)

Scenes from "The Bible in 30 Minutes (or Less)."

Wes as the Narrator, and Mary as God.

Brandon, Lexi, Katie & Irene played Prop Angels in the background.

People would race downstage to do lines while everyone else grabbed the right props upstage.

Clever beards flawlessly transformed our actresses into male characters.

Mary and the REAL Joseph.

Jessica as hey-zeus.

Disciples followed her around flashing gang signs and throwing it down at a moment's notice.

Sort of a gang-entourage.

Meanwhile God looks on.

I'm not really sure what's going on here. Maybe Karly's getting an ear exam.

Johora = Caesar. No, really.

Mail call for the New Testament.

Final Bows.

Here they are.

Those crazy bowing people.

Hey, did you ever notice, you say BOW the same way you say COW?

But it's not pronounced the way you'd say LOW or GROW.

Then there's ROW, which is different if you're English or American.

Huh, weird.

Anyway, yeah, those are the bows.