"Up the Down Staircase"

April 4 & 5, 2013

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Pictures and captions by Mr. G.

Rehearsals in the Drama Room

Bea Schachter teaches Sylvia karate.

Stage Manager Matthew seeks his directorial vision.

Rachel and Jill are really involved in school.

We practiced entering the classroom, I don't know, a billion times. Or more?

Rachel & Harry are BFFs. Except she doesn't know the month, ever.

Carole and Alice were great friends until the defenestration incident.

Rusty and Jill sharing a private moment.

That Lou. He so crazy.

Meghan's awkward camera-stare is my favorite part of this picture.

Poor Josie Josefina Rodriguez Tyler.

Lennie and Lou would later grow up to become congressional representatives.

Alexa and Lilyan equally enjoy having their picture taken.

Rusty is all "OMG there's an announcement?" And Fran is all "Yeah, no big." And Sylvia's all "It's my first day."

Arbuzzi, Helen. Her income is needed at home.

Reverse view of the classroom. Now you see as the actors do. *4th wall broken*

Rusty and Linda sit near each other.

Elizabeth Ellis is constantly thinking about dreamy cockroaches.

Jill always knew what Alice was thinking.

Lou Martin was 65% behind Miss Barrett, and 65% too big for his seat.

Curious as to what the announcements Ashley reads actually say? Now you know.


Offstage - even more fun than onstage?

Jenny and Rae sitting. In seats. Good times.

Wait for it ...

... there's the romance.

The ole "squint-eye, peace-sign" pose.

Good times in the faculty lounge just offstage.

Oh, Ferone.

Y u no do hw?

Bea to the emotional rescue.

Sylvia with a stress migraine.

Kathryn, experimenting with lighting up part of her head during this scene. (We rejected the idea)


Miss Friedenberg and them crazy PPP's.

Bester and Schachter and just here to help.

Sadie. She needs her paperwork. Stat.


Every year, McHabe has to deal with a lot like Ferone.

Faculty Flashes from the Clarion!

Katherine with the mysterious "Dental Blacklist."

Kelsey, clearly emoting the close friendship between Ellen and Sylvia.

"Please do not tell me this story, Alice. Let us instead talk about school work. Or anything else."

Can you feeeeeel the love toniiiiight?

*insert pterodactyl shriek*

Test time! (Tests to be added later)

Right before Sylvia judo-throws Ferone across the classroom into an empty desk.

"Hello Alice. Please allow me to destroy you emotionally."

The alma mater. Learn it.

"Suggestion box?" Pfftt.

Cue suggestion boxes.

Paul assuages his guilt by offering $.49 to Charlotte and then never giving it to her.

The best time to give a teacher evaluation is during a standardized test.

New semester, everything is still the same.

OR IS IT. *mind blown* Cue "The Circle of Life."


Tech & Dress Rehearsal

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