Our Thespian Heritage

Pics from Districts & States in 2001 & 2002, plus other assorted crap-o-la

The short lived, pre-thespian, Drama Club (1999-2000)

Wesley Chapel's first Drama Club's second picture (1999-2000)

The first President of that short-lived Drama Club, Elizabeth Womack

The founding members of Troupe 6172 (2000-2001)

The first President of Troupe 6172, Yasmine Wilt ('01)

Troupe 6172 circa 2001-2002

Troupe 6172's very own sponsor gets serious... mad serious.

Troupe 6172's sponsor embarrasses his troupe (this will not be the last time)

Troupe 6172's sponser embarrasses his troupe... again (see? I told you)

This one time, Mr. Gaudet got really mad at Alex and they started fighting.

Good ole Wesley Chapel High

Asst Director Shawn Banks misspells Paige's name on the first cast TShirt ever (correct spelling: Myskyvychtze)

Our star Burger King singers (they sang "I'll Know" for free lunch at the Burger King in Ocala)

David Singletary ('02) and Melissa Domenech ('03) practice for a duet musical

Jennifer, David, Jackie and myself (Rusty)

Everybody at Districts.... everybody except for Paige....

Alex and I practice for our Odd Couple scene for Districts

We had like five minutes before we went on... we were SO ready.

Alex and Melissa practice something from Guys and Dolls for competitions

Ack... I was so sick that day...

We sat.

Maaan, that was one crazy night...

The family of our former president

More of the Yasmine family

This was state competitions closing ceremonies and the thespian dance.... *shudders*

Our thespians hard at work... sorta

[We went to WCES to perform for the kids there.]

[Rusty dressed up in Lexi's Cinderella costume. Much comic mischief and mayhem.]