Ten Little Indians

October 30 & 31, 2004

(Not enough pictures of you or your crew?  Bring your own camera next time take pics & send 'em in!)


Pictures by Patrick Lane ('05), captions by Mr. G

These stairs are something we built that actually worked the first time. We actually kind of rule this time around!

Kevin is sadly unaware that this year there will be no "Men of Set Crew" calendar.

My room goes from looking to nice at the beginning of the year, to one nice pile o' crap at the middle of the year.

Kim and Katie block out the fireplace bricks with painter's tape.

Yeah, I know. This looks like nothing. But it's actually the inside of the fireplace.

Holy Bleeding Tempera Paint, Batman! Yeah. We discovered tempera bleeds underneath painter's tape.

So we wanted to order lunch. After we eventually agreed on Subway we placed the above order. Katie's is my favorite.

Kim learned how to use the circular saw. But, um, I think she might be cutting just air right here.

Jay's like "I kill you. I kill you fo' takin' my picture. Yo so dead!" Ha ha. Yeah he really talks like that.

Kevin strangles from an invisible snake. The funeral ceremony was short but tasteful.

7 ice-cold beverages, and the reason why Kevin will never have children.

Us, Nina's boyfriend, Nina turning her back because she's apparently camera shy? and Kim killing me in the background.

It takes two to work. One to work, and one to watch.

The back of the railing we'll use for the balcony.

Jessie Moreira IS .... Touched By An Angel. In 30 seconds, she will narrowly avert death by a falling stage flat.

So then, okay. There's this "great" chair Mrs. G asked me to assemble for her.

It took me like 5 hours to make. And it sucked! You needed a Civil Engineering degree to put it together! Kevin was a "big help."

Then Jay's all, "Let me hold it." And I'm like "Yeah I can't stupid put the stupid screw in the stupid hole it doesn't fit!"

!@#$$%%^@#@#!$!@@#$$## chair!!

My eyes almost bulged out and rolled out of my head. I was ... displeased ... with the chair. And the unhelpful directions in Korean.

Finally I broke down. Jessie later sent me to an insane asylum, and I died there. Oh well!


Pictures & captions by Mr. G

Kim puts the finishing touches on a wall as we move to the stage.

Katie & Kevin with those crazy dowels that would become windowpanes.

This is very likely the funniest picture ever taken of Katie in her life.

Reverse-angle shot of the stairs.

The unfinished fireplace, pre-mantel, pre-paneling, and pre-poem.

Tanya listens at the door for her cue while Elizabeth monitors.

Nina was the props mistress. You can see one little edge of her props table.

Patrick is either a) gagging on smelling salts, b) eating his hand, or c) rocking out backstage.

Marston and Blore share a magic moment of not looking at each other.

Can you feeeeeel the love toniiiiiight?

Ooh! Jealousy! As "Sprinkles" would say, "She'd better not be having ice cream with MY man!"

Jon would later go hardcore (H.C.) and get a BUZZ CUT to play General Mackenzie! That's even PHCC!!

Audience member Tim Petersen (Drama 2) was so excited by the Tech Day performance he fainted.

A view of a tech rehearsal before the glass door and fireplace got put in.

A really nice picture of Kelly.

This is Edeyie's first WCHS play. He had 380 lines. Later, as a reward, he would be shot in the head in Act 3.

Can you feeeeel the love toniiiiii ..... no wait, you can't.

I realized I've never taken a pic of the light & sound booth. That's Zico, Katy, and our resident SoundMaster, Dale.

Katy at the lightboard helm.

Zico is far more serious as a Stage Manager than as Truffaldino, I've discovered.

What the stage looks like from the control booth.

They can even make DVDs to review later!

A cast picture at the end of the Wednesday rehearsal. : )



Pictures by Mr. G - captions TBA

Shot of the fireplace (SR) side of the set.

That's a real glass door. Wow! Real glass! It's insanely heavy, too!

Katie's mom (Mrs. Lanni) handwrote the chilling poem that sits above the mantle.

The SL edge of the set, including the place where Miss Emily takes a "nap."

Yep, four entrances/exits to the stage. (A WCHS record, at least until we do "Noises Off" some year)

The balcony, and amazingly realistic sky. The dark break between stage flats is, um, symbolic of something.

Actor/crew's view of behind the scenes.

The fireplace, from behind. The blood is just part of the ritual set crew member sacrifice we do each show.

The exit stairs to the staircase on stage. As you can see, we were too lazy to paint it ALL brown.

Jon Blacklidge and the military haircut he got for his part.

Wow! Now that's theatre dedication!

Marston. She'll experience some "beastly bad luck" in about 30 minutes.

Heather and Sara ARE the box office crew!

Thomas, Samantha, Candice & Grace are the Ushering team!