"Starjump 2: The Mars Solution"

April 2, 2010

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Although you'd never know that was the title because the movie only says "Starjump 2."   Now you know.

Pictures by Garry Cohen ('11).  Captions by Mr. G

We made a dozen signs for the prop room to turn it into a Martian bathroom. Here are six of them. We filmed two.

The cool black lights on the floor that make the Martian bathroom so "otherworldly."

Kyle, the Video Narrator behind the scenes with Tori.

Vince, making some of the intense weaponry that is sported throughout the battle scenes.

Of course by "intense weaponry" we mean paper towel rolls + tin foil + acrylic paint. >.>

Carl is ... uh ... well, not really sure what he's doing here. He's in the hallway that took hours to set up and takes up 12 seconds of air time,tho.

Tori, before becoming hideous, the highest compliment in her culture.

TIP: The secret to making a Martian is balloons for bicep and shoulder muscles, as Czarina demonstrates here.


Here, I do my impression of how to say "OK- NARRRRRRRRRRRRR"

"Mustafa ............"

Malik, who waited 6 hours with Jamal, who waited about 4 hours on shooting day until his first scene.

Vince + Admiral's Hat = Starjump movie.

Setting up the Martian battle shots.

Garry, on the border of reality and Mars. Which is, as you now know, looks like reversed stage flats.


Chanel, setting up the wedding scene shot.

That's right, Commander Tad ... she's single!

It's a camera shot ... OF A CAMERA ... (mind explodes)

We never remember to buy gauze, so we just use toilet paper instead, to show injury.

You just THOUGHT Jamal was bleeding profusely through his gauze bandages. Now you know it's just red marker + TP.

BTW ... that's the green Martian skull, with the red dot symbolizing Mars on it. Very deep symbology going on here.

Yes, you can recover from direct laser blast fire blasts with just a bloody nose.

Awww ....

Right before the awkward "Nin dan-gun!" hip-rubbing scene.