January 26-29

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In which we foolishly believe we can make our own movie.

Pictures & captions by Mr. G

So one day I thought, "HEY ... we Thespians have never made a movie? Why not?"

And everybody was like, "Yeah! Let's make one!" So I wrote a script and we cast and we got together to film.

Even Tori was all excited about it.

Caitlyn was cast as the evil Venusian Queen, "Calypso."

Garry played Lt. Stanley, and Lauren played Major Linda.

We were going to have mad costumes, and make a black and white "B" type sci-fi movie spoof.

Mark played the role of Commander Tad, the brave and naively chauvinistic captain of the U.S.S. Liberty.

The first day we dressed up in costumes and got makeup. Mission: Go to "Venus" to shoot.

This is what all the ladies on Venus are wearing this year.

Vince was the evil communist Ivan Dreadski, commandante of the Red Menace. You see, there are commies in space, too.

Miss Taylor worked on the set like crazy, costumes, everything.

Suddenly, Ivan pulled a Space Laser on Commander Tad!!

The polished Ivan Dreadski. (and guess what lady space aliens? HE'S SINGLE!)

I mentioned earlier that Miss Taylor made costumes, with one notable exception: my authentic 1952 Soviet Russian outfit.

We then left to across Wells Road into the forest. Uh ... I mean ... we went to Venus.

The Space Lasers were fully functional, but we removed the SpacePowerPaks to prevent accidental injuries on set.

Clapboard Carl was crazy with his clapboarding and whatnot.

Miss Taylor also directed and shot the film. Basically all I did was write the script, and then laugh a lot while we filmed.

The famous "Dirt Trail of Venus."

Tip for shooting in the wood, kids: carefully look for snakes and bear poop before stepping. Good times.

A sighting of the elusive Brown-Bellied Commie in the woods.

Karly and Sarah, thinking "!@#$ why the !@#$ didn't I !@#$ wear !@#$ shoes into the !@#$ woods !@#$ !@#$ !@#$"

The conceit of the movie is that it's 1952, but it's a look forward into 1982. But we have the same social values and... uh .....

.... next time I'll just make "Mr. Head." Oh, more Linda & Tad action going on.

Karly's so happy.

Karly's praying, Caitlyn's smiling, and Sarah's looking at me taking another picture.

It alllllmost looks like Vince is carrying a gaseous light saber in his right hand.

Directorial guidance from the heavens, in the form of sunflare.

Lights (oh wait, that's the sun), camera ... action!

This is exactly the tense standoff I envisioned when I wrote the script.

Sarah was secretly Gollum. It's subtext.

The amazing set of the U.S.S. Liberty. (da?)

430 rolls of tinfoil died to make our set.

Let's see! What kinda weird stuff can we pull out of the prop closet to make the set?

The lights light up and everything. (Merry Christmas) Miss Taylor made it.

Meanwhile, back at the prop box we have .... a feather, a bowl, and what appearrrrs to be ... a blue oven mitt.

Why yes, the commander's console IS a coffee maker.

The best part about being an actor, as always, is waiting.

Carl calls off yet another take.

Can you guess which crewmate missed the "SHIP CRASHING" cue?

Now you see the reason why Garry's body is partially ghosted away in the promo posters.

Hey, I have an idea! Let's build a beautiful set for the space palace with all those props!

But then forget to take any pictures. And that's a wrap.