"The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)"

October 20, November 4 & 5, 2005

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The show that Hurricane Wilma couldn't stop.

Pictures by Mr. G.  Captions by Mr. G

Katy (Cast 1) with her original character concept of "Mrs. Smiley" which was later voted down.

What a great tech rehearsal audience shot!

Wes (Cast 1) and our versatile alien guy who would play both Samson and dead Ophelia. What range!

Costume Designer Michelle getting serious.

The backstage crew, likely working on some backstage thing or whatnot.

Stephen practicing holding out his hand or something.

Jennifer, before Stephen needed an eye patch.

Get it? It's the BALCONY scene! Ah hahahahahahahahaha.

Dale, our Sound Engineer; Mr. McDermott our Theater Manager; and the hurricane that would postpone our final two shows.

Sound Designer Ashley looking busy.

Light Designer Jon pretending he knows what he's doing.

Zico, completing his thumb check.

Sean (Cast 1), as a priest. Wes, as Juliet. Comedy gold.

Costume Crew Erin, in her usual semi-comatose state.

Set Designer Casie holding up the stage flats so they don't collapse on somebody. Like me.

Tech Director Meredith, holding up the other side of the stage flats. It's a team effort thing.

Casie in the prop room, getting something. Or not. I don't know. I wasn't there.

Rehearsal Prompter Lexi finding a line in the script.

Jon (Cast 3) in the chair of amazing-ness.

Rachael (Cast 3) practicing the part of the play where she's the King of Denmark.

Lindsay (Cast 3) either delivering a line or preparing to hold the book in her mouth.

In this picture, Jon displays some reluctance to take Stage Manager Zico's feedback.

Cast 3 and some crazy standing around.

The Stagecraft class looks on.

Wes, Megan, and Lexi utterly amazed at the amazingness of the amazing play occuring, amazingly.

Casie and Jennifer demonstrate their new patented method of painting with 2" drywall screws.

Michelle readies the matador/Hamlet costume.

Courtney (Cast 2) and an awful wig. (She's holding it).


One Sean ... TWO Seans? Whaaaaa?

Our brief attempt at performing Shakespeare headless.

Mr. G giving Skully acting notes.

The puppets of "Royal Theater of Denmark" that make Claudius flip out. Wouldn't you?

Zico looking happy, maniacal, or both.

Cast 3 rehearses in the makeup room, for the 1 billiionth time.

Kelly (Cast 3) finally tells Courtney what she thinks about her.

Finish her!



Tube socks = hilarity.

Somebody's gross/delicious candy apple.

Cast 3 and the grand finale to their Histories as Sports scene.

Kim, David, and Meredith are the makeup crew - pasting lots of whiteness upon Cast 1.

Jon, and the animatronic robot that would fail him so horribly on his performance night.

Kim restores Katy to her natural pastiness.

David breaks the gender barrier as our first guy on Makeup.

Sean confesses his struggle with leprosy to a sympathetic Meredith.

Don't worry - it's a FAKE chopped-off hand (for Titus Andronicus).

I'd say the way they're painting that shield is a bit SCREWY! Oh ha ha ha!

Lindsay, working at our slave labor/prop table.

Chad (Cast 2) just can't take the pressure of the speech any longer.

Courtney, who noted that her last play had a total of about 2 pictures on the site.

So here are two more.

Kelly, and the dark circles that result from being a Publicist and Lead at the same time.

Sean and Desiree standing around, doing something. Or nothing.

Did I already make a matador joke? Ah yes, I see I have.

In the end, it all came down to teamwork, standing around awkwardly, and blinking while the flash went off.

That, and an awesome chair. (FIN)