Painting Party 2012

Pictures and  Captions by Mr. G.


Taylor was like, "Whaaaat? We have to work?"

We pushed the stages away from the wall, and tackled that back black wall.

Blue Eyes was all like "Yeah."

And then Iain was like "Yeah?" And Brianna was like "Oh yeahhh."

Then Kathryn was like, "Look at this."

I'm probably paraphrasing a little bit.

Ellen's name starts with "E." True story.

Iain, and the headphones he used to probably play music of some sort.

Aaron and Jessikah discovered that paint also can be applied to human skin as well as walls.

Some of our names were, shall we say, lumpier than others last year. We straightened that out this year.

A three-sided painting duel. They broke out more often than you'd think for a 3-hour event.

Taylor, realizing that reshaping letters is not as easy as it first seems. Sorry, Holly Morris, otherwise known as ##### #######.

Alex, touching up the entire room with a soft, soothing blue.

Kristina, updating our tally o' achievements on the wall. 17 Critics' Choices? Aw yeah.

The yellow bulletin boards got a good touch up.

Kathryn and Jessikah have a Drama 1 Honors AP Dual Enrollment reunion.

Ellen and Brianna experience conflicting painting emotions.

Blue Eyes heard that Kathryn had a picture where she showed her hands, and Blue Eyes was like, "I gotta get in on that."

Ellen did not let a paint brush shortage let her down.

Brianna, painting her sister's name. Awwww. And also, not noticing that CHRISSY HERREID is about 2 inches too low on the wall.

Aerial view! I'm such a versatile photographer.

And this is the point where I realized I escaped without a picture of myself in the entire event.


Ha ha.