Drama Room Reconstruction 2011

Pictures by Mr. G and Kelsey Vinson ('13).  Captions by Mr. G.


Yep, legends say that Drama Room once had PURPLE walls, and the names and events o' EVERYone who done got a Critics' Choice an' Superior.

There was a problem though.

Ole Chapel see, they started winnin'. Started winnin' a LOT. An' ole Mr. G the crazy prospector/director started runnin' outta room.

So a merry band o' Thespians said "We gotta clean up this here town."

We'll repaint this room, condense th' names an' make this a room what kin hold 40 years o' names - or at least til ole Mr. G finally goes full crazy.

And so they did ...

Using the power of black paint to make black walls more black ...

And carefully avoiding the lurching prospector ...

They carefully rolled out dropcloth ...

They covered their hands in protective layers of paint ... for some reason ....

And they painted.

Kira was really careful to preserve Pres. Jaclyn Marchisella's 2005 logo. Good thing too. We Thespians aren't known for fine motor control.

Ellen painted this wall white. Then we all had a good laugh when she realized that was the wrong color.

Ha! Still laughing at that last one.

Jasmine, in our photo gallery's only 3D picture. I'll give you a minute to find your red & blue plastic glasses.

The wall painting occasionally burst out into conga.

Kayti - carefully rolling out the new blue on top o' the old purple.

Taylor gave Iain a tattoo, to look tough in case he ever has to go to prison.


What WHAT?

So those last pictures were in June. Fast forward to August when we came in to carefully reconstruct the names. Kristina started with the Old 2001s.

Alex put blue tape everywhere. (As she is wont to do)

Jessica, doing some neck thing.

Kelsey's job was to spell and tape letters that spelled things.

Lucas, who tragically threw out his back taping the wall and was hospitalized for sciatica. RIP.

Holly has two picture faces: hilariously laughing, and this one.

Kelsey whined for about 6 hours she didn't have enough L's. Then after a brief break of 10 minutes she started complaining about N's.

The wall starts taking shape, and Jessica starts work on our corner logo.

Chanda, doing some detail stenciling.

It seems like it wouldn't take a long time - but it took us FOURTEEN HOURS just to paint the names, with 6 people working each day.

Of course, it's possible that not ALL of that time was spent on-task.

More names.

That corner now shows our troupe's total Critics' Choices (16), Superiors (68) and Excellents (109). We'll update those totals each competition!

Thumbs up.

And that's the room repaint. Every name that WAS on the wall is still on the wall - the only thing we've dropped is the event names. HOORAY!