Drama Room Reconstruction 2009

Pictures by Alex Reuille and Mr. G.  Captions by Mr. G.


You wouldn't think fixing up the Drama Room would be good fun ... but oh Lordy is it, ever!

Chanel took one look at those stairs and said "Those stars need some paint by gum!" She's always calling stairs "stars" in that twang she has.

Alex eventually figured out that this was where we stored the extinguisher, not the fire.

Lauren, eating one of the several choices of baked goods in the background.

Here, Jessica shows Abby and Moriah how to sort through painting equipment recently purchased at Home Depot.

Taylor begged to clean the desks and eventually I let him.

Vanessa, loading up the books in the bookcase.

Nichol, Kasey and Jessica were hard at work, but Tori was feeling lonely.

"I'll help you!" cried Chanel. And then they did something to the desk.

It looks like people were just spitting against the black wall (the shiny parts) but they were actually touching up the scuff marks.

Even Chrissy got crazy painting the stage. EVEN CHRISSY!

There was lots of fighting over who would have the honor to clean and paint the side stairs.

Meanwhile, Alex lurched into the corner and just stood there.

Riddle : How many Thespians does it take to stock a bookcase? Answer : 4. hahahaha!

I am very stern. VERY STERN.

As Garry found out when his work was not to my high expectations. Let's see that staircase shine, mister!

Chanel was feeling it.

Just then, Chrissy burst into a merry song.

Christoph, and Karly burst into song, too! Not Moriah.

Pretty soon, even Lauren was singing despite my dictatorial whippings.

Chanel broke Tori free of my malevolent spell.

And Caitlin!

And Alex, too!

Pretty soon everybody was singing, and kung-fu fighting, and whatnot.

And then Abby learned the true meaning of Christmas.

The new, charming arrangement of the cast gifts and trophies accumulated over the years.

Lauren found lots of pretty paper to play with.

Karly delicately repainted the scuffed-up stage.

Christoph before the "black-paintening" incident.

Alex worked hard to set up the informational hub of the room (i.e. my computer).

"The desks! They're too hard to clean!"


Wait, wouldn't it be "Fantastick?"

I mean, seriously, that would make sense right? It's STICK not STIK.

Whoever heard of a STIK? "Hey can I have a STIK of gum?" Ha, I don't think so.

Lauren puts up the ... sorry, the FANTASTIK thing is still bugging me.

Vanessa, who has no strange spelling in her name like FANTASTIK.

Although, GARRY ...

At this point, Alex had my camera and he was getting woozy from all the cleanliness in the air

Here's a better picture of that, in case you wanted to see the rest of Nichol having a stroke.

There was also a HUGE BUFFET of food for our hard workers.

The stage was super-shiny and brand-new looking when we were done.

Taylor, who would later come in on another day and varnish/seal the stage. Thanks Taylor!

Vanessa and Nichol, moments before the 911 call.

Break time!

Karly, in the picture she hopes will be used on the cover of Rolling Stone when she becomes famous.

Even Ms. Maxwell came to visit! Crazy!

Abby, with a cup.

Lauren, without a cup.

Taylor, with.

Caitlin, with.

Karly, looking for her cup.

All in all, it was a nice day - and the Drama Room looked great!

And we all knew that it would never, ever get dirty or cluttered again. THE END