Drama Room Reconstruction 2008

Pictures by Vanessa Sanchez ('08).  Captions by Mr. G.

Karly, Cara, Lindsay, Lauren V and a Thespian I will call "Blurryhead" repaint the side steps a pleasing white.

Oh wait, that's Karly. She's not blurry here.

Josh and Mary came back to help Sarah scrub the stage.

Alex was Mr. Electrician and set up all the electronics in the room.

There were a lot of painty white streaks on the stage from when somebody used the Drama Room over the summer. They also damaged our white board. Thx!

zomg, The costumes are CRAZY

Mark carefully positioned each book in the bookcase with great deliberation.

Vanessa set up the trophies. But then we moved them later.

Chanel and Cara were like, "Karly! Clean the prop room!" And Karly was like, "But it's so hard!!"

There was lots of work, and lots of standing around.

Mark and Lauren washed the desks so fast their arms blurred.

"Golly, Mark, cleaning desks is ever so much fun!"

Thanks to our Reconstruction Crew, we now have our Film Fest archives in the bookcase!

At the center of every great reconstruction is a very involved director.

I said "Quick, look busy for the picture!" So Lauren started .... waxing my hair, I think.

The Reconstruction Party was the perfect opportunity for Lindsay to begin her modelling career.

And WHAT a party! Orange juice AND donuts? BOTH?!!!????!!!!

All that was left was for Vanessa to take out the party debris.