"Presidents! The Musical"

March 25, 26 & 27, 2012

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Pictures by Mr. G and Chrissy Herreid ('12).  Captions by Mr. G.

Chrissy's non-blurry pictures with her cool camera

Kristina, cheerfully applying Alex's makeup.

Alex, probably saying "Wow!" or something.

The makeup room gets pretty crazy like that.

Chrissy will walk around taking pictures, and Abby will be making that face a lot.

Julia is a method actress, meaning she bullied everyone incessantly behind the scenes as the Senator.

Even Jessica.

Yessir, it's not all fun and games in the makeup room.

Well, it's SOME fun and games.

Jessica, sporting the new aging lines that's the rage with kids and whatnot these days.

Eric formed a gang and promptly initiated Beatriz.

Alina, quickly trying to add some choreography to Alyssa.

Lots of props and set pieces.

Campaign poster.

The day Aaron became a vampire.

Cast meeting in the house whaaaaaaaa

Aw yeah.

Alexis, clearly envying Taylor's hat.

I unsuccessfully try to locate the band.

I chopped down the cherry tree.

But I swear it was in self defense. Also slavery.

Opening night audience. JK. Not really.

Lucas, unable to identify the fashion style Alyssa is going for.

Aaron and Christian doing "squats" to keep their thighs and hamstrings well-developed as part of the acrobatic requirements of the musical.

One huge cherry to make up for the absence of any other cherries.

Brianna and Courtney, rocking the heck out of costume crew.

Chrissy and Alex, dress rehearsal day!

"Cherry Tree."

This is actually an optical illusion. ALEX IS NOT ACTUALLY CLEANING A WINDOW.

Did you know that assassination is bad?

It's true.

Despite what people say.

My favorite stage direction: "Assassinated Presidents rise. Dance."

Let's go to war.

Kelsey, stage managing and such.

A picture of some stuff.

That is one FINE cannon, made by the Art Department.

"Gotta Get Elected."

Me, realizing that writing, producing, and directing an original musical is perhaps more difficult than I projected.

Lucas, as FDR.

Delaney, doing that Delaney thing she does.

Am I goin to war, FDR?

Black eye, symbolic of the overseas struggles faced by men in the 1940s.

We were "Lincoln the Night Away."


I mean, very tragic. His death.

(SPOILER ALERT : Christian was fine.)

Getting ready for "Watergate."

One of my favorite visuals from the play.

Kristina, demonstrating proper moustache wear.

It ain't a musical until Mr. G makes someone cry uncontrollably. Mission accomplished.

"Who Cares?"

It's a picture of someone taking a picture! Mind blown.


Mr. G's blurry pictures with his cell phone

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