The Painting "Party"

Pictures by Mrs. Gaudet.  Captions by Mr. Gaudet.  Hey - what teamwork, huh?

More pictures added by V Ortega ('05)

Okay, so I was thinking one day. Grey and light blue (off-white really) are just not the most ... "attractive" shall we say, colors.

I decided to paint the Drama room - a kind of blue (in deference to the school colors, go Wildcats!) and a dark purple. I like purple.

Then I had a moment of genius - why not call it a painting "party?" As you can see with Rachel, the trick worked.

People like parties. They don't like painting, or stacking desks. But they sure like parties.

This is what the room used to look like. Even duller before I painted the bulletin board yellow last year.

Even Sarah Fox ('04) came back to paint the room, even though she'd graduated. (So did Corey, Rusty, and Alex, not pictured)

Jaclyn looks for more places to paint (hint: upper left corner of the pic)

Sarah painted our doorframe a beautiful red. Then, three days later, Mr. Mellin told me to paint the outside back to grey. Oops!

You can't really make it out, but I'm wearing my New Students Assistant shirt from UMass. It says 1989 on it. It's the same purple as the wall.

Our Prez, Rabecca, suddenly realizes that this is in fact work, and not the party she was invited to.

I look for a small area of the wall that hasn't been painted yet. (I eventually found one).

I was like, "Jaclyn, you could just move the ladder over." And Jaclyn's all, "Don't tell me how to paint!!!" Jerk.

Jaclyn starts work on the "Drama" banner that graces our now-lovely walls.

Libby, Denise, and Rabecca do touch-ups. Note the absence of dropcloths, leading to the follow-up "Scrape the Floor With Toxic Cleaners Party"

Drama does, in fact, "roolz."

Foreground stage flat on its side, workers behind, me centered; Mrs. Gaudet gets all 'Ansel Adams' with the camera angles.

Rusty got a little caught up in the person-painting challenge.

V shows off her fancy camera work on this "work in progress."

Is that paint, or sweat under alumnus Corey Monson's left armpit?

Work on the banner continues ...

Rabecca later said she hated painting this area the most.

You can make out my control-freakish commands on the whiteboard if you look closely.

Rusty's final resting place (beneath the lumber).


Here, Denise and Rabecca decide to call it a day.

And, we leave Libby to finish up the few areas left. Good times!