Our Town

April 20 & 21, 2006

For a moment, we're all here.  We're all happy.  Let's look at each other.

Pictures and captions by Mr. G.

Amy doing some of her crazy sitting as Mrs. Webb.

"I'm smart ... when I'm playing with my DOLL COLLECTION!"

And Sean and Katie learned a valuable lesson.

Why Julia Hersey! Imaginary french toast!

No, we didn't forget the props. There just, um, aren't any. In this play. Really.

Meaningful conversation flows as always over the Webb breakfast table.

Kristina actually did take that button/clip/pointy thing from her chin and didn't forget to take it out. Woo hoo!

I can see my reflection in the table!

Hey, let's all cheerfully meet and prance off to school!

Zico, doing the Zico thing.

The audience (except for Jessie) loves the play! What a success!

Here chick chick chick ... here chick chick chick ... Wait a minute, you're not mine! Who do you belong to?

The critics adored Katy's chicken monologue, as you can see.

Johora had 43 lines plus 11 pages of monologue as the Stage Manager.

Jessica strikes her "I'm masculine" pose as the baseball player.

I can't make out this picture. It's too small on this little editor where I set the captions. I'm sure it's amazing.

Alex and Johora. Alex (Editor Webb) talks about the town.

Bernadette as the quirky, lovable, and bookish Professor Willard.

I'm not sure Alex has his aging lines drawn in thickly enough.

Oh, yes. They're thick enough. Never mind.

Someone's walking to ... the right it seems like. It's probably a cast member.

They were so in love.

Samantha "Drunky" Stimson.

Isn't the moonlight terrible?

Here, I try to fulfill my quota of vague, fuzzy, and unsatsifying pictures.

Stephen (Doc Gibbs) gets ready to lay the smack down on the lazy and non-wood chopping George.

Smackdown!!! (George cried)

Nope. Get up. You can do all those chores later on, don't worry.

Sean Kelly (Howie Newsome) throwin' the papers about.

Meredith here, does in fact fulfill that vague and fuzzy picture quota thing.

Michael (Howie) delivers pantomime milk to Katie (Mrs. Gibbs)

More baseball player mayhem.

Johora in the middle of another 5 minute piece.

Here, Erin (Emily) relates to Sean (George) that he's been getting awful stuck up.

That !@#$ Bob Hoskins and his hardware truck. He ran over Emily!!!!!

A shot where my stupid flash didn't completely obscure all of our gorgeous cyclorama coloring and light cues.

Oh no! Baseball Players! And they're taunting George!

Aw ma, I just wanna be a fella!

Dad, I have to confess ... I hate George.

No, he's the best guy in the world. Now, get married.

Cara (Mrs. Soames) goes on to Karly (Woman in Balcony) about how lovely the wedding is.

Wait for it ...

Wait for it ...

Romantic drama Gold. Or at least romantic drama Gold Plating.

Brandon was like, Hey! You haven't taken a picture of me! I'm like yeah, you're right! Smile! Click! (true story)

Desiree (Asst. Director) with the look that terrified the cast into behaving backstage.

Johora and a bunch of dead people.

Bradley the undertaker, fake-digging up the stage.

Here's where I insert the "Sixth Sense" punchline.

Momma, have you seen my blue hair ribbon?

Momma, I'm dead. So is Wally. Her appendix done did exploded up at North Conway on a Doll Collection expedition.

Just checking. Yep, they're still dead.

Even when you look close up. Still dead.

ZOMG! Program folding is teh roxorz!!!

Good gravy! Program folding! Yeeha!

Meredith and Marisa (Set & Props) checking out ... ladders or somesuch backstage.

The picture that will haunt Erin for the remainder of her performance life.

Jessica and Cara and those crazy programs.

Another view of that haunting picture of Erin, just in case you didn't get enough of it two panels ago.

Fauve + Catherine. BFF.

Raquel is with the band. And the crew.

Megan does something with Katie's hair. If I knew more about hair design I could probably say what it was.

Lauren, who made some very cool costumes.

Here, Amy gets roughed up a little bit backstage. It's a tough world back there, people.

Lauren, in a surprisingly similar picture to her earlier one. She looks happy.

Young love.

Catherine looks startled, either by the picture-taking or the makeup wedge.

Cara, breaking it down backstage.

We cleverly renamed her character from Wally to Wendy. Other options were Willamina, Wilma, and Walla Walla.

Fauve. She's smiling.

Heather's also smiling.

I'm running out of caption ideas.

But that's okay because now we're out of pictures. ~~ FIN ~~