"The Odd Couple" Pictures

captions by "Mr. Crybaby" himself, Rusty Gillespie ('03)

The Performance Nights

One last time... for the children.

haha...i was crying

Jaclyn was having a good enough time, even winking at the camera, but all that changed when her evil twin (pictured in the background) attacked

We truly were the weirdest couple ever.

Yeah, Corey and I became really close after the show... he claims that he was drunk, but I still see longing in his eyes.


Sadly, Corey had already drank so much of the prop scotch that he actually believed he was still drinking it.

This fight was a little unbalanced... Corey had taken away my apron... I was practically defenseless.

This photo basically captures the dedication we have during the last thirty minutes of practice. We are SO easily distracted.

In this picture I'm expressing one of all three of my acting emotions: frustration.

Corey gets all up in my biz-nass.

Jaclyn is making this expression for a comical reason.

Micah is the king of the world!

Micah seems to be plotting something against us while we act in the foreground of this picture.

I love my expression here.

Yeah, apparently we did get a cast photo. Rock on.

This is a secret.

Click here to see what is quite possibly the worst poster ever made. Ever.

In one last attempt to get out, everybody began to pile into Ox's car and make our escape, but sadly Krisy came out and began yelling at us.

Corey forgot so many of his lines I started yelling at him... and then he was cowering. What a pansy.

I was either on the brink of or laughing at the time of this... Corey's expression is too hilarious not to laugh at.

hehe.... er...yeah... that'd be me.

This is me... jumping...for some reason. I just thought it was a cool 'action' pic.

The set crew works to build a better tomorrow... today!

The Cast Party

Ahhh.... the cast party. It's a night I'll not soon forget, let me tell you. Read the following pictures' captions in order to get the whole story.

The party started out mildly enough, and everything seemed to be going very well.

Tanya was there, documenting the entire affair on her camera.

J-Ro was there, seemingly enjoying herself.

Corey and Rabecca pose for a picture... all is very nice.

Isn't this nice?

Ox was there, remaining friendly yet incredibly intimidating, as always.

...and then Alex showed up. And all was well... but with one look...

...THIS look, we all realized that things were about to get interesting.

With the arrival of Alex, Jaclyn decides to bring out the Cream Soda... and this is where things start to get ugly.

After drinking some of the Cream Soda, people started to loosen up a bit.

Micah even plays a practical joke on Patrick... no harm in that...

But then things take a turn for the worse. Micah gets an attitude and decides that he should be able to delete every file he wants to on the computer

Corey soon forgets about his computer, and after much more Cream Soda begins to make out with an unwilling Patrick... here Patrick struggles

After a heart-stopping few seconds, Alex releases the mosquito into the wild once again.

After a twenty minute struggle, Paige falls to the ground, dead.

This is Micah, passed out, after vomitting violently in his cup.

dun dun dun...

A picture of me taken at some time, somewhere, by somebody.

It's no big secret that Michelle is a canibal, but when we found out Ryan didn't know, we had to get this picture.

We were sooooooooooooooooooooooo ... what was it? Kinda.