Kickball & Graduation/Induction '09

May 2009

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Kickball!  Graduation! Induction!  It's so crazy!

Pictures by Moriah Sobeck '09, probably somebody else & then captions are by Mr. G

So, we thought it would be a good idea to play kickball.

The school had a Kickball Tournament where various clubs and groups made kickball teams, and then they played each other.

Groups were going to each have their own theme, so I thought: Thespians -> Mimes.

Surprisingly, everybody went along with the idea.

Of course then we got there and NOBODY ELSE HAD A THEME so we were the idiots dressed up like mimes.

We marched through the school, silently.

We were actually completely silent all through the preparations and everything.

We had warpaint and such.

Some were more warpaintlike than others.

The warpaint brought out our inner beasts.


Yeah, here's another warpaint pic.

And another.

And ... another.

For crying out loud, how many warpaint pictures do we have?

Ok, back to victoriously marching.

We stretched, as if that was going to make a difference.

I still pulled like every single muscle in my body after the opening 5 minutes of the game.

Here's a real great action shot of us "playing" kickball.

It looks like standing.

But that's kind of how we roll.

We Thespians are built for more .. shall we say, dark and air conditioned spaces.

Our first team we played against was the Wrestling Team.

They beat us 34-1.

We then lost the next 6 games over that day and the next day.

Will we do it again? Yes, oh yes we will. This time we won't wear black in 98 degree weather though. Oh, and I'll remember my sneakers.

Craziness at the last Thespian Meeting of the year. New Prez Lindsay and Old Prez Karly here.

Last time with the '09 Council.

There were awards and whatnot. These are the prestigious Black Flame awards for 100+ points. They're crazy cool.

2008-9 Council, and 2009-10 Council.

Crazy, what!?!

Our future lies with these three brave individuals. Woo hoo, let's go!