Homecoming Carnival, 2008

November 14, 2008

How to Build a Fortune-Telling Booth for Homecoming

Troupe 6172 guarantees your booth will be built in 2 hours or less, or your next booth is $2.00 off.

It all starts with a strategic session, and one of those typical open air tents.

Try not to assign blame early on, as you are likely to make somebody cry, which is bad for business.

Begin by stringing up Christmas lights in a semi-random formation.

Make sure each of your pieces of fabric panelling smell nice, and gypsy-like.

Spend three hundred hours untangling lights and clipping them places.

Concentrate hard on making a nice pretty sign. FOCUS!

Wrap the lights around your posts because ... well, I'm not really sure why we did that. I'm sure there was a reason.

Using a billion safety pins, pin up pieces of fabric.

Pin up panels.

Use lots of pretty colors, like pink. Be sure everyone is wearing purple!

Be sure that for every 2 people working, at least 1 is simply looking on in a crossed-arm "supervisor" pose.

Occasionally give inspiring motivational speeches.

Do not, repeat do not attempt to wear any of the panelling as this can create awkward moments.

Halfway through, when your gypsy booth looks like a horrible mess that will never look right, maintain a positive attitude.

Regroup. Avoid the temptation to join the booth that's making popcorn next door because it looks a lot easier.

Send in for reinforcements.

As you complete your fabric walls, look for any tiny holes in the construction.

Comfort any robotic skeletons on your cast.

And put the final pieces into place. You are now (mostly) ready to begin your night!


Fortune Telling (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Learned to Be a Gypsy)

Lauren, getting ready for business as a gypsy at the Carnival.

Carly was extremely hardcore.

Cara goes over some of Taylor's many lines he'll have to know as a gypsy including, "I can see your future," and "That will be one dollar."

Sarah and Lauren share a pre-show moment. A moment of what, I'm not sure.

Mark, our stylish and debonair gypsy. He is not wearing purple.

Vanessa says, "We see your future (for entertainment purposes only)."

Bradley, apparently looking for the audition room for Captain Hook.

Chanel is so gypsy-esque!

Bradley and Skully. Our front line against the imminent invading hordes of customers.

Why does Moriah look so sad?

Obligatory gang-sign 6172 shot. Lord forbid we ever actually try to enter a gang with these "skills."

Lauren has a magical flute that gets people to follow her wherever she goes.

One of our favorite gypsy set "flavor" pieces was Mark's "pre-owned Dreamcast" change till for our $1 admissions.

Gypsy boot camp with Sgt. Cara.

Why are we so awesome?

Skully is always glad for any event that gets him out of the Set Room.

"I can see ..... your future .... "

"... you ........... will meet a man ...... eventually ....... he will have .... a ............ face .........................."

As sunset comes, the gypsies get ready to swing into action.

With Bradley, attention to security is always "job one."

"It is possible these cards may have some bearing on your future..... ooh! Green 6! UNO!