Homecoming Carnival, 2004

October 20 & 22, 2004

We were judged 1st Place for 'Best Carnival Booth' out of 22 listed booths!

Pictures by Mr. G and other Thespians, captions by Mr. G

So we decided we would do something outside of the theater for once. We were going to be part of the Wildcat Football teams' Homecoming Carnival.

Yes, I know. Football and Drama don't have a rich tradition of cooperation. Our pasty-skinnedness speaks to the amount of time we spend outdoors.

So, I thought. Hmmm ... what could we do? I know, a face-painting booth! But it was taken. So Mr. Geier suggested a Fortune Teller's booth.

A great idea! Our plan began with a basic set design sketch, and as always, the ubiquitous piece of plywood and circular saw.

We'd take 6 stage flats, and cover them with rags on the top to make them look "gypsy-esque." In the evening light, they should look pretty cool.

We'd make a placard-style sign for the outside, like one of those actual Carnival-style signs of the early-mid 1900's.

You can see the complexity of painting while simultaneously pretending to drill.

Jaclyn and Amy M. chose paint colors for the brick wall facade. Little did we know they'd choose the 1 can of concrete paint-sealer. It smelled bad.

Amy F. tried to show Patrick and me just how hardcore of a painter she was.

Patrick was sick of my folk rock music, and grabbed a Queen CD from his car.

The end of Day 1, and we had barely taped off one of the flats for making bricks. Amy F. and Jaclyn brought it in.

Meanwhile, in the Asian-Nike-styled sweatshop, Amy M. and Christine continued seamstress and marketing work.

Patrick swings one mean imaginary hammer.

Look, it's the same joke! Again! Ha!!!

Our President, Jaclyn, before she slapped the camera out of my hand and told me to "do something useful."

Amy uses a piece of wood to make uniform bricks.

Two days later, the day of the Carnival, and there's still lots of work to be done! I enlist 8 Thespians to take Periods 1-4 to do it.

And what happened? For the first time in 2 weeks, it rains. Christine and Jon wipe off the rain from the flats we'd brought outside.

Casie, Jaclyn, and Amy F. line up to look at their rags. They proclaim them "good."

Meanwhile, Patrick was "hard at work" making flyers. His first version portrays a gypsy saying "I foresee you will give me a dollar."

We prove ourselves amazing at conceptual design. This doorframe looks like nothing. Yet on the day of the Carnival - pure gypsy beauty.

Here's the only peek we have of the interior. Jon and Erin are putting the walls up. The lavender/yellow gauze stripes are from "Cinderella"! ('02)

Christine is amazing at artwork. She finishes the 2nd placard sign. Jaclyn tailors away.

Casie, creating what will become, I think, a sash. Or something else.

Gypsy Patrick and our mascot, "Scully." Boy, Patrick loved that crazy skull! It said things like "Hey!" "Over there!" "I seeeeee you!" Hi-larious!

The assembled gypsies on Wednesday night. After we battled the amazing winds that threatened to knock everything down.

Carnival night #2, and Patrick gets the gypsy eye-makeup-treatment.

And guess what? Our Prez, Jaclyn, becomes the first Thespian to not only get voted on Homecoming Court. But she becomes the Homecoming Queen!!

Our crazy closing crew on Friday. We ached, badly. And it took us all 2 hours to take down the booth.

But you know what? It was FUN. We gave lots of fortunes, saw an audience we don't normally see, and actually got outdoors. It was a good time.