October 9 & 10, 2008

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Pictures by Lauren Vanhelden ('09) and Vanessa Sanchez ('10). Captions by Mr. G.


Cara with Lindsay's completely non-time consuming hairstyle.

Nichol and Moriah takin' care of "bidness" as we say in the Drama game.

Carly and Miss Taylor work on building a book shelf while Tierrica waves cheerfully.

Lauren, while not exactly sure what to do, nonetheless feels a certain general sense of compassion for the set crew.

Lauren, while not exactly sure what to do, nonetheless feels a certain general sense of compassion for Mr. G's sudden burst of misplaced laughter.

It is troupe policy to always have one male Thespian with his own sense of avant garde fashion sensibility.

Karly and the shirt she made HER OWN SELF. Bradley also made one that he never wore because of an unfortunate brown stain.

Chanel is a powerful woman. A powerful woman with a power drill.

Yet again, "Glass Door" stars in another set. I have almost got back the $300 I originally spent on it for "Ten Little Indians."

Can YOU find Bradley in this picture? Look carefully!

Lauren, our cool Costume Designer. She got a writeup in the Tampa Tribune and everything!

They say when the October moon rises, so will Tiny-Eyed Kenny Rogers rise from the mist to watch over your play from the wings.

Thank goodness we have this pic.

Melissa looks very concerned for Moriah's welfare.

This play, we kept little raw pork snacks in the back to keep up actors' strength between scenes.

Cara was ... "reluctant" to take up a power tool and drill things together. It's just not what you do in the Makeup room (usually).

It was something about her having lost an eye in a tragic power drill accident when she was very young.

Miss Taylor, hoping we'll use this picture instead of the one she hates on her web page.

Our set .. slowwwwwly takes shape ...

A reverse view of the set. Now YOU see the magic as WE see it from behind the scenes. o.O

Our magical prop table.

Dillon, showing me how a real man holds a power drill.

Nichol, Caitlyn, and Samantha are like the Charlie's Angels of the Stage Crew - ready to swing into action at any moment.

Moriah, that girl McKenzie, and Carl.

Dillon and Tierrica work while I desperately try to figure out what's going on in the background.

Dr. Chumley version 2.0.

Vince and Cassandra loved carrying heavy, awkward pieces of furniture around.

Vanessa gets her hair done by the world fabled Makeup Crew.

Hair, makeup, glamor .. and more!

Sarah + eyeliner + Lindsay = win

Even super-manly Bradley got in on the makeup game.

Carly and Kasey swap their favorite backstage stories. Carly: "I remembers it likes it was yesterday." Kasey: (polite nod)

Chrissy, a hat, and a camera flash in the mirror.

Samantha, trying to convince Cassandra that all the stage flat needs is compassion, and understanding, not more 3-inch screws.

Kayla in Makeup crew got a good look at Tori's favorite costume piece of all time. (seriously, when are huge puffy shoulders NOT in style???)

If you thought program FOLDING was fun, you clearly have never CUT TICKETS into little strips.



Huh. This is an odd picture. Bradley is NEVER screaming girlishly for no reason at all!

Tori=emo. 's true.

The perfect 'stage picture' for Veta and Dr. Sanderson's relationship.

WILL Mrs. Chumley run away with the charming ELWOOD? TUNE IN tomorrow FOR the ANSWER!!

Dr. Chumley and Dr. Sanderson, underneath it all, are really great friends.

It just takes the Tao of Wilson to re-balance their karmic Chis and put their Feng Shui into align... okay I really don't know what I'm talking about.

Myrtle Mae <3 Judge Gaffney.

My favorite moment of "Harvey."

Meanwhile, Nichol surreptitiously paints a door frame.

The original "Elton John and Harvey" picture that was to go atop the mantle.

Veta at Costume Rehearsal, and the hat that will do terrible things to her hair.

This LOOKS very casual and smooth, but Karly actually had to reach back pretty far to get Tori's t-shirt.

Little known secret: If we'd had a third night, we would have performed it one last time entirely in Riverdance.

What passion, what heat between Nurse Kelly and Dr. Sanderson!!

All the girls go crazy bout a sharp dressed man.

If you understand this picture, you understand all there is to know about directing.

hahahahahaha. This picture makes me happy. : )

During the actual show we had a)costumes, b)set, and c)nobody still putting up the set.

A whole newwwwwwwww world ... with new horiiiiiizons to explooooooore ...

And with that, Wilson and Sanderson forged an alliance, an alliance to end the cruel tyranny of that evil dictator, Dr. Chumley.

Another great 'stage picture' that defines the relationship really well.

Why it's much more complex than a stage line. It's a stage line PLUS one guy in the foreground.

The 1940s were an exciting time for fashion. >.>

Vanessa, the shrieking maid.

I can't believe we actually almost used this bookcase instead of a desk. Carly uses it very, very seriously here though.

More bookshelf-as-desk hilarity. It looks like Mark is inside a box.

"Harvey 2: Rosie Comes to Dinner" ... all of your unexplained questions ... ANSWERED!



Presented without caption interruptions.