"Go Ask Alice"

Closing Night

Pictures and captions by Mr. G & Jaclyn Marchisella ('05)

Backstage, Marissa "Jan Fujara" Moran led the cast & crew through "Drop It Like It's Hot"

Katy "Marge" Jacobs and her Casper-esque layer of foundation before final makeup.

Sean Davies as Tim at final makeup check. I don't know, I've always seen Sean as an "Autumn," not a "Summer."

Denise, Desiree, Eric, and plenty of comic mischief backstage.

See, Eric had a stool. And his name really was on it!

I feel pretty .... oh, so pretty ....

Makeup crew Kim and Rachel ready final touches on Lizz and Patrick.

Yeah, so I was taking pictures of final bows. Not only is this picture blurry, but I hit the button for Sepia tone effect. Whoops!

Here are some more of those crazy characters.

The jerk friends that indirectly cause Alice to die. Nice job! Thanks!!

The Aberdeens (plus Chris).

And Alice herself.

And one final bow.

Even Thespian alums Rusty and Corey came back. This was soon followed by a wrestling/sissyfight match.

Elizabeth Cate. She's not just a doctor, she's also a professional chair mover!

Look! Denise is taking a picture, and so am I! Isn't that hilarious? Aha ha ha ha haa haaa

Katy shows off her mad broom twirling skills as the stage is cleared, and "Go Ask Alice" comes to a close.

On Stage Before the Performance

Pictures and captions by Mr. G

Set Designer Lizz Buikema gets ready to load out of the drama room, and into the Theater.

A huge ungainly piece of wood like this almost crushed Lizz and Deon in the "set storage" area. Oh, and that's Patrick Lane's shirt.

We moved all of the flats to the door for load out. That bright sunlight outdoors is the reason why we pasty-skinned types like to stay indoors.

Christine was busily putting "fun" notes on lollipops like "How many lethal chemicals are there in drugs? GO ASK ALICE." Yum! ...

And after loading all of the stuff into the theater it looked a little like this. OK. A lot like this.

This one single doorjam took an hour of my and Patrick's lives, and we will never get it back. And as of Tuesday 8pm, it's still not done!!

In classic Troupe 6172 fashion, we line all of the chair rails up carefully only to learn we will need to rip them off later (and reglue them).

Ashley made a beaded curtain.

Tiffany marks the table for all of the props.

The "baby box." Horrifically ugly at first, it's now pretty darn nice looking!!

Set Crew Law #1: The more you're pointing, the more it seems like you're working.

Backstage, with no sound equipment yet, Amanda listens for the "witchy" girls entrance cue.

Patrick is the worst stand-in-Bill ever. Ryan, your job is safe. Patrick even ran up on stage to give a line when it wasn't even his scene!!

Elizabeth and "special friend" Jon sit in the audience. Don't they just look picture perfect?

I realized since Tanya was taking all of the Drama Room pictures, there wasn't one of her yet. Boy she looks happy.

Because of the Theater's wacky scheduling we have 3 days to build and decorate the set. Here, Eric builds while we rehearse.

The "West Coast" set is only 2/3rds made, as you can see.

The Set Crew puts on finishing touches for the Dress Rehearsal. (Ashley, Lizz, Tiffany & Eric)

This bureau was so amazingly craptastic before Lizz, Mariela, and some other cast members attacked it with white paint and a stencil.

Is there anything duct tape can't fix? If there is, I don't want to know about it.

Deon, Tanya, and Sean line up for makeup inspection!

The makeup room. Here, Ashley looks happy. And, Mrs. Gaudet looks like she's on a mission.

Here's Marissa, and Jared (not the Subway guy, the guy Mr. Geier sent to take pictures of our Dress Rehearsal day)

The infamous West Coast scene. "What are you doing, patching Santa Claus' pants? Haw haw haw haw haw!"

Sheila looks even more b****y dressed up!

Rehearsal looks lots better with a real set! That curtain makes our old window from "12 Angry Men" look so much nicer.

Tim and Alex talk while Alice "pretends" to listen to the CD player. What a complex plot!

Samuel is soooo smooth. Why didn't Alice just break down and get with him?

Beth will later abandon poor Alice, leaving her to a life of drugs on the streets. Some friend, huh?

The dancing scene, with mood lighting, costumes, and a stereo that actually exists.

In rehearsal, Jaclyn jumped on the bed during this stirring, dramatic scene -- and promptly toppled the mattress over, sliding to the floor. D'oh!

In the Drama Room

Pictures submitted by Tanya Follick ('06) & V Ortega ('05) Captions by Mr. G

This is Alice talking to a pen. If you look really, really close, you can see it.

"Your attitude determines your altitude!" Words we can all live by.

This scene was much creepier as originally written, with the whole fondling the hands thing.

I'm often reminded, through pictures, how much crap is actually stored in my room. (No, I don't mean Jaclyn)

Mom and Dad. Is their relationship complex enough to make a spinoff? No.

Deon shows his kung fu skillz.

While this bed is uncomfortable (i.e. a table), at least it doesn't have a pee stain (see A Christmas Carol pics)

Does it rain in your drain?? (Ryan's favorite line in the play)

Jill and Bill. Hey - I just realized! Their names rhyme!!

Zico (aka Joe Life-O-Driggs) tells the joke about polar bears and a radio.

Amanda and Ryan get their groove on. This was much, much, much, much, much, much, much worse the first time.

Marissa IS Jan Fujara.

Bill tries to put the "moves" on Alice.

Bill says, "If you shake it!" Chris replies, "Shake your own!" Just two more fine examples of the complexly layered dialogue of this play.


Gloria was a sheep in the school play.

"Alice, the mailman has a letter for you!"

Sean watches from a safe distance, behind a protective wall of chairs.

I wonder if Jill's nose really was broken?

If it weren't for Erin's quick intervention, Marissa might have choked to death here on Zico's chocolate cake.

In comes Tim, Alice's less-than-buff brother ...

... and much hilarity ensues. Including Rabecca biting Ryan. And Zico doing ... ummmmm ... I'm not sure what he's doing to Sean here.

Little Timmy takes one for the team.

Meredith and Jessie are actually less blurry in real life than they appear here.

"Did you fall? Is that what happened?"

Meredith shows off her very, very good projection skills.

I just thought I'd include the 8x10 glossy Deon uses for modeling contracts.

Look at that! Real emotion!

Having had no food for twenty days, Dad turns self-cannabilistic.

Dana is just as surprised as I am, here, that Rabecca can play somebody under the age of 40.

That George is one smooth "playah." "Beethoven's Sixth was never more zestfully done, I'm sure." Are you taking notes, guys?

To Patrick's credit, he dealt with Joel Reem's horrible, horrible, lines like a true professional.

This is as "hot" as the play gets. Whoo!

How many times did we do this scene?

"You smoke? Little girl like you? Thirteen, right? What's your Momma say?"

INTERNATIONAL!!! Ah hahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha

The lady doctor that Tom sexes up.

Good times.

Worst ... tickling scene ... ever. (Not that there are many tickling scenes, when you think about it)

"Why don't you go back to your stink room? What are you making there, germs for the next epidemic?"

Did that beanbag chair just move? Cause if it did ....

Jaclyn checks Sean for nits in our cast's daily lice inspection. (2 found)

It looks like Jaclyn's afraid of that silver ball hovering over her (it's actually the doorstop on the wall behind her)

OK - why did the family leave her alone to die again?

And ......

... scene.

Marissa plays Alice. So ... much ... emotion!!!

I wish I could add a sound file here with Marissa's trademark laugh.

Deon shows me how to tie a tie.

And Micah's left holding the bag. Holding the bag!! Ha ha ha haa haaaaa, holding the bag ... oh my, so funny.

Act 2, Scene 3. Rehearsal memories to last a lifetime. (Intern 'what'?)