April 17 & 18, 2008

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Pictures by Cailyn Quevedo ('08), Brandon Armstrong ('08), Alex Reuille (0.  Captions by Mr. G.


Assistant Director Chanel and Props Mistress/local Rebecca Nurse Mary keep a watchful eye on the script.

Waiting for your scene to come up in rehearsal is EVER so much fun!

Melissa, making them girls freeze right up again. It's what she does.

Josh, temporarily channeling his "Prince" character from "The Love of Three Oranges."

Mercy is broken in spirit, Susanna is weeping helplessly, and Abigail is so upset, her hands are vibrating right off of her wrists.

Reverend Parris and Judge Hathorne ... the hidden romance of the play? Okay, well yeah, it'd have to be REALLY hidden in there somewhere.

Mark, wearing Kelsey's "first draft" costume for Reverend Hale.

Thank goodness Willard is keeping an eye on that dangerous criminal, Rebecca Nurse!

Acting Quiz Question: Which 3 actors are in character in this tense courtroom scene?

Everytime Mark missed a line, I allowed every member of the cast to throw a chair at him, thus his new nickname, "Mr. Flinchy."

Chanel, giving strict directorial advice to Josh.

Thank goodness that someone has picked up the "faux-hawk" look now that Stephen's graduated.

The Putnams (Kelsey & Bradley) crackle with chemistry as a married couple.

Every rehearsal, Katherine would just lie there until Lauren and Tori threatened to beat her. Then she'd be much improvin'.

This shot highlights the hilarious size difference between Director and Assistant Director in this particular play.

Chanteau, begging for forgiveness as Mark looks impassively on. No repentance for you!!

Moriah, getting ready to turn my pretty white window stageflat into a pretty black and white window stageflat.

Moriah, Susan and Carly stare at the stage flat with The Screw That May Not Be Removed.

Our bureau from Go Ask Alice was so hideous for "The Crucible" that I reversed it, and Chrissy and Kasey turned it into a cupboard!

Lindsay had the exciting and challenging task of blacking out all of the platform supports visible from the audience's perspective. Whoooo!

Costume Crew member Ariana, hanging out with the uncostumed cast backstage.



Makeup Designer Cara applies makeup to Andrew backstage. Applying fake stubble to Andrew is unnecessary any time after 10am.

Taylor applies makeup to Cheever, while Sarah helps someone curl their hair. I don't know who. Uh, Lauren maybe?

The two good Reverends. Or are they vampires? (( checks the playscript again ))

Mark, pulling back his unruly mane.

Tanner Johnson wants YOU to see "The Crucible!"

Hear no evil, See no evil, and Speak no evil. (Peeking is okay)

Jessica, prepping for her spinoff show, "Governor Danforth Disco Hour."

At least we got some use out of those grey costume wigs.

The set isn't all there yet, but Dress Rehearsal lets us check out the whole play with lighting and sound cues, costumes and whatnot.

Susanna Walcott is actually very nice under her extremely self-centered and evil exterior.

Proctor still lusts after Abby, you see, and she ... well she's a little dangerous. She seems sweet, but ....

Giles Corey, he tries to take care of poor Rebecca Nurse, but she keeps having these facial tremors and aneurysms.

A staged version of the scene above in rehearsal. It looks way better with costumes, staging, lighting, and actual acting.

You can't really tell the Proctors' marriage is cold and unforgiving, can you?

Mark in the ill-fated "gangsta Reverend" hairstyle I wasn't exactly fond of.

Cheever used to be just a tailor, but when the court came to town to hang witches, Cheever became a BIG MAN, you see.

Poor Mary Warren. All she wants to do is be a follower. Why can't Proctor just let her condemn his wife to die?

Elizabeth goes to jail. While Willard looks on helplessly, again. Thanks for nothing Willard! Couldn't you have done some commando rescue?

John and Abby meet in the woods at night. Tori's nuanced portrayal of victimhood, attraction, and malicious indifference was really good.

Josh gets angry when he's mad. VERY angry. Especially if your name is "Abigail" or "Mary Warren."

Francis Nurse and Giles Corey try to testify on behalf of their wives. As a reward, Giles gets pressed to death! Yay!

Willard and Cheever's stance says it all ... the girls are in serious trouble.

Chanel, our Stage Manager, control everything from the manager's booth. (harder than it looks btw)

I'll admit it. I looked. I didn't see a bird though. I also never heard no murder in Salem.

Tituba, having a good night's sleep on a SPLENDIDLY created bench.

Sarah Good, waiting for "Masty" on yet another wonderfully created bench.

Judge Hathorne, on the bench again. Oh! Did I mention the set crew made the benches? Yeah.

You can't realy make out the bench in this shot. But you can see Reverend Parris and Governor Danforth.

If there's anything more fun than program folding, it's LEARNING ABOUT program folding!

And then, the merry, gleeful, joyful, scintillatingly good time of actual program folding.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Proctor's been in jail for months because Abby didn't like her.

Josh and Lauren's acting was crazy good! Oh, and SPOILER ALERT: John chooses Elizabeth.

Everyone but Danforth, Hathorne, and Cheever seem to feel bad for Proctor, but nobody does anything about it.

In the end, John can not sign his name to the confession.

And .... ~ FIN ~


Pictures by Mrs. Powell (Mary's Mom).  Thanks!!  No captions - all pictures are in chronological performance order.