Cinderella Pictures

Captions by Rusty "The Prince is Giving a Ball" Gillespie ('03)

The cast of Cinderella posing for a cast photo

The girls get together for a quick picture

She's putting her dress on.

Our fine King and Queen.... for cast A (the "Wombat Cast")

Er.... she's got my hat on.

Make-up sucks.

Dig those crazy threads.

This is Sarah.... Sarah gave me pictures for the site. Thanks Sarah!


This is the band. They played.

An awful, awful dance

More of that craaaaaazy dance

Preparing for that dance

Practice for Cinderella

This is a picture of two people in a play called "Cinderella" practicing for the production itself on a rehearsal day

Something is going on in this picture

Micah is in the background of this picture

Hey! There's Paige Marstabiche!


I think a funny thing is when something screeches accross the room and latches onto somebody's neck, because... I mean, what is that thing?

Who.... who are you?

This is me after I had my make-up put on.

I joined two photos here to show you Lexi's acting range..... I mean just look! First she acts like she's counting in a dress...and then she acts like

Er.... em....... um........ yes. It was the cast party.

I am too tired to think of a comical caption for this one.