"Caught in the Act"

April 16 & 17, 2004

Opening & Closing Nights

Pictures by Sean Davies ('06).  Captions by Mr. G.

These black and white pictures are actually quite cool.

It's like living in a shadow land, a land of blackness and whiteness. And greyness too.

Watching Ray's head get pantomime detached is even better in Black and White.

The chair Sean almost falls over in is funnier too.

Those crazy mountains are actually the right color.

Look, it's Egypt! In black and white!

Oops, there's the color! You can see the difference with this play and others due to our lighting designer, Rachel's efforts.

That brick wall looks really sharp, as do the doors. (There are 3 actors behind each half-wall, and 2 actors serve as the door).

The King files a harassment suit against the peasants eager for a "piece" of the Prince.

Knock knock. Who's there? Yeah. Yeah who? Yeah! Ah ha ha ha ha ..... ?????????????

That old lady who was mumbling about poison is bound to cure the Prince, right?

Hey, that old lady was the witch Morgana! I never saw that coming!!

Innovative orange costumes are courtesy of Mrs. Davies and Jaclyn.

Katie in the most extended dramatic death scene ever.

Am I the only one who thinks he should have just married Smereldina and made the best of it?

Morgana, pre-rat-ifying.

Truffaldino is the hero of the day! (cake by Tiffany)

Frank and Jaclyn in their unsettling scene from "Oh Dad, Poor Dad"

Jaclyn is just slightly loca in this picture. Poor, poor Frank.

"There's nothing I can do to give Ray his head back."

"I'm a man! <bleep bleep bleep> Leave all the whimpering and whining to the women and children! Real men don't cry ... they get even."

Tanya and her fun intermission speech.

scene from "The Philadelphia"

"You try to kill yourself in a Philadelphia, you're only gonna get hurt, babe."

It was the best Christmas ever! ...

... Except my Mom got shot, and when I played dead, my Dad killed himself. ... But hey, still a great Christmas!

Scene from the speed version, before we realize it's too fast to film in long lowlight focus-time film. D'oh!

The cast, desperately begging for pictures. Mrs. Davies obliges.

More of that crazy cast.

And .... scene.

Tech Week!

Pictures and captions by Mr. G

The costume crew (Jaclyn, Kelly & Jon) at work ... they rocked the house!

Prop Mistress Ashley hard at work. In this play we found out that styrofoam is much lighter and breaks much easier than wood flats.

Tiffany and Lizz work on the papier-maiche base for the Wedding Cake.

Kevin and his extremely colorful shield d'Orange.

First, Eric would pencil a sign. Then Tanya and Deon would erase it and write their own letters. Then Deon painted them, and Eric repainted them.

Stage Manager Rabecca and Sound Designer Amanda go over song clips, fitting them into the "script."

Tanya, making fun of bubble girls on crutches with gigantism. I mean really, how insensitive can you be???

The Tech Crew in all its glory.

We test the idea that watched stool never boils. Or something like that.

Ryan and Frank, standing there. Hey, they stand pretty well don't they?

Makeup Artist Kim Mabe on the job

Marissa, Ashley, and a mysterious flashbulbing stranger in the background.

See the king has a big crown, and the prince has a little one. That way you can tell the difference!

You are so saddddddd ... you are sooo sadddddd ....

Doctors 2, 3, and 1 confer. Their diagnosis? Impending death by boredom! Dunh dun dunnnnnnn!

Get it? They're DOORS.

Matt and Katy, 20 seconds before she finds out the paint is permanent.

It takes three people to paint, and six people to watch (not everyone included in the picture). Later, distilled vinegar would destroy this fine job.

Many cast and crew rehearse "Dancing Queen" which will take far, far too much time as an encore on Opening Night.

You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen!!

Rabecca sports her fan hat, celebrating Jon Blacklidge & Samantha Kelly's scene, "The Spy"

Matt Frankel is ... the Obnoxious Guy.

Backstage & The Cast Party

Pictures submitted by Rabecca Delestowicz ('04) & Marissa Moran ('06) Captions by Mr. G

The picture that will assure that Chad Lucas is never, ever elected Senator.

The cast of Philadelphia, "workin' the hizzouse" backstage. (Why do we always assume tough gang poses in our pics??)

The cast of "Five Women" finally abandon their search for the 5th woman to open their own Fashion Design company.

None of us recognized Amanda Sanborn (on the right) the first time we saw her. Props to the Makeup crew!!

Dr. Desiree relaxes before showtime.

Finally, somebody takes care of Chad's embarassing ear hair problem.

Alum Corey Monson ('03) offers Libby's niece advice on developing characters through the clues provided by the playwright.

Kelly's like "Oh yeah, this party rocks!" Meredith also attended.

Tanya and the incarnation of the voice in her head that tells her to do terrible things (aka Jessie).