"The Boarding House Reach"

Captions by Rusty "My name's spelled Wilber on the cast t-shirt

that faded after I washed it once" Gillespie ('03)

Alex got so frustrated, he went as far as undoing his tie and leaving it around his neck.

I was just upset about not having any pants...

Left to right: Hercules, Aunt Mary, Mrs. Maxwell, Connie, Betty Lou

If you look hard behind Shawn's elbow, you can just make out poor Libby.

See, this was the part of the play when the dinosaur was chasing me.... he's just outside of this shot.

More bowing.

The IMPORTANT people come out to take their bows.

Annnnnnnnnnd.... we're done. Finally.

The cast of The Boarding House Reach

Can you see me in this picture? Look hard.

To the far left you see Mrs. Mott. She sure was in this picture.


My... er... older... wiser.... sister... Shawn Banks.

Limpy and Nora

Left to right: Herman 'Ninety-Volt' Jones, Mr. Maxwell, Roughhouse Ruby

This is the part when Alex tells me to get on the chair so he can spank me.

Corey said "WOAH!"

I think that the worst part about this picture is that I'm not in it.