"Arsenic & Old Lace"

November 19 & 20, 2009

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Pictures by Garry Cohen ('11) & Mr. G.  Captions by Mr. G.


Time for some captions for this play. Let's see.

Looks like Chanel ... looking at something.

There's Mollay. She's playing a guy. And that's Sarah looking at her.

Vince who yelled CHARGE! really loudly for some reason. Oh yeah that was in the script.

Caitlyn. She liked to stuff cashews into her cheeks for hours while sitting on stage.

Lindsay was thrilled when she heard she was going to play an Irish cop. No, really.

I run several "security drills" during rehearsals to prepare for break-ins and whatnot.

Shelby and Jonathan are criminal masterminds in real life, FYI

It's a phone.

Czarina in Costume always has something going on that's crazy.

Dutch angle shot of Caitlyn. Also crazy.

No matter which dress the Costume Crew gets for Tori, she loves it.

If you don't like your costume ... there are ways of insuring compliance.

Nelly, in the makeup room.

Nitza, running a tight Makeup Crew ship.

Noemi, focused and hardcore.

Jessica and Ashley were nonstop crazy busy on the Props Crew.

Chanel, expressing disapproval at what was likely some lollygagging taking place.

What's more fun than hand-stenciling a flat to look like wallpaper? Hand-stencilling 14 stage flats!


So, here we have a picture of some suitcases. Yeah. Thank goodness we have this one. Okay, next.

Chanda, doing some Stage Crew paint carrying.

"Remember ... what happened to Mr. Spenalzo COULD HAPPEN TO YOU."

Chrissy and Kyle, hurrying to find motivation for their characters backstage.

Best program folding EVER.


Kasey, carefully monitoring Chrissy's closeup.

Hubbub in the Makeup room.

Nitza, stuffing cotton balls into actors' ears. She does that a lot.

Mary, managing Sarah's silvery locks.

Me, raising the roof. As I often do.

Cassandra is a STAGE NINJA.

Shelby, as the lovable talking racoon with a heart of gold from Act 3.

No caption necessary.

Super cool picture. Can you figure out what it's of?


Caitlin, before her morning cup o' joe.

Kasey, starting her video on proper dental care.

Michael, as the dental care patient who doesn't follow Kasey's advice and instead spins into a life of despair and crime.

Tell me again why we are not the most popular people in the school. WHY ARE WE NOT GODS?

All the girls go crazy bout a sharp dressed Vince.

A smashing cup of strychnine-free tea before rehearsing.

Even before we get to the theater, we rehearse for weeks in Room 229.

We look at our lines, cram them frantically into our brains, and then pretend like we know what we're doing.

While doing homework. It's complicated.

Jamal acts as Rehearsal Enforcer, making sure no one gets out of line.

Chanel. Her job is actually far more complicated than it looks. Like, a lot more complicated.

Shelby, trying to say "Chon-ny" in an even creepier tone than before.

Chrissy, who is fond of elderberries.

Lindsay, trying to tell Carl that his character should walk with a Western swagger, like a cowboy.

Dillon, who ended up playing exactly the same character he played in "Harvey."


Meanwhile, back at the Theater, things are heating up.

The Props table is being propped up.

Chanel has her game face on.

Kasey, Czarina, and Amy desperately try to get a 6-pound chair on stage in time.

Mary is spraying Shelby's hair on. (Shelby is naturally bald)

Our law enforcement team is ready.

And the set, which we will have to take down in 2 hours because an elementary school band will be using the stage, is ready for Dress Rehearsal.

Places, backstage.


"How are you dear?"

"No that's my toy. Don't donate it."


"Come in. Let's kill you."

"Look into my eyes Doctor."

"I schlipped!"

"I forgot ... the luggage!"


"I'm scared. Eek!"

"I'll save you because I'm Carl."

"Oh dear, I hope the phone won't ring instead of the doorbell sounding on our 2nd performance night."

"Let me tell you about me play and me Looky Charms.”

“Get out Jonathan.”

AUDIENCE: “This is a masterpiece. I shan’t ever forget this.”

“I keel you man. I keel you good.”

“Let me tell you me story. Again.”

“Don’t point a gun at us.”

“I’m Dillon. Tomorrow night I will wear a huge moustache that will make Mr. G choke laughing when he sees it for the first time.”

“Make sure the doorjam hits him painfully in the back again.”

CHRISSY : “I run an asylum.” CARL : “Oh.”


“It seems like everyone’s happy now. It is Act 3 after all.”

SARAH : “I believe I am having an aneurysm.”

“Let’s get married.” “Ok.”

“Twelve! We’re even!”

“Let’s murder someone and complicate the plot right at the end.” “Ok.”

Bows #1

Bows #2

Bows #3

Bows #4

Bows # .... 5? Yeah, I think we’re up to 5 now. Yep, just checked. Bows #5.

Crew bows.

Crew Bows II.

Son of Crew Bows.

Crew Bows Returns to Ice Planet


I wasn’t at this Cast Party, but I can get a pretty good idea of what was going on by the pictures.

I’m going to say ... they played uh ... Charades.

Jonathan is trying to get the audience to guess “Blender.”

Tori and Shelby meeting at the Charades game for the first time.

Caitlin ... charading ... uhhhhhhh .... “Wind Power Generator.”

Uh .... Jamal charading ... ummm ... “Organ Transplant.”

............ “Tootsie Roll”

Why am I so terrible at this game??? Umm ... “Dramatic end scene to Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.” Is that close?

The winner of the 2-hour Charades match won a squirt of hand sanitizer.


The climactic “I Can Eat Your Face Off” competition that each cast party ends with. ~ FIN ~