"And Then There Were None"

March 24 & 25, 2011

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Pictures by Garry Cohen '11.   Captions by Mr. G.


I like to start off our time in the theater with lots of advice. Here I am giving it.

And believe me, when I talk people listen.

Program crew always has the most fun. If you have never been on a Program Folding Crew, I feel sorry for you.

Yeahh -- good times.

"Where's Mary?' "Wheeeeere's Mary?!"

Abby, sittin in a chair as she likes to do from time to time.

Chanda, also liking the sitting.

Caitlyn likes to lead the cast in a "Behind the Garment Rack Hymn" before performances.


When the moon rises just right, they say Ole Carl will appear from the mists with an electrical outlet in his stomach.

Jonathan carries so much stuff around he needs two purses.

Abby supports peace as evidenced by her necklace.

Chrissy, '60s fashion icon.

Kristina taking care of the Makeup thing.

Some other people doing something.

Vince, chuckling as the voices in his mind get louder.

It's catchy. Try it sometime.

Downside: sometimes the voices tell you to do awful, awful things. Resistance is futile.

Caitlyn, scolding Vince after the triple-homicide backstage.

Why that's Old Narracott! Or is it Jessica? Method acting makes things hard to discern sometimes.

Jimothy with his makeup line drawn looking all elderly from afar and whatnot.

The props were arranged on the props table with care.

Painstakingly created Indians for the mantelpiece, upping the ante from the last time we made the play and the Indians were completely imaginary.

Back-strengthening calisthenics.

You put your left elbow in, you put your left elbow out, then you shake it all about.

There's always goodtimes before a show.

Sometimes we even get crazy and shrug our shoulders in a funny way.

Even angry ole Abby couldn't squash the hilarious hijinx.

Alyssa taking a break from bouncing between Makeup and the Box Office.

Kristina, handing out .. maybe ... Ritz crackers? Not sure. Could be but they seem smaller.

Sarah in, what I am sure, will be her favorite of all 4 years.

Stage Manager Kelsey came back to give the "thumbs up."

Could Jessica be a blond Samara from "The Ring?" My vote: yes.


Taylor and Lucas jump for joy. Wheee!

Mary, transforming Caitlin into Vera Claythorne.

Brooke played Antonia Marston, someone you are actually glad to see get killed in Act 1.

It's all smiles in the makeup room.

Adele makes standing next to a wall look easy.

Alyssa: Is she proud to be a Thespian? (Yes)

Alex from the Costume Crew, hangin out by the garment rack.

Jasmine making sure she hasn't received any crucial texts changing the makeup or costume design.

Amy, sending Jasmine a crucial message about the Makeup or Costume design.

If you give Garry a camera long enough, he will appear in a classic "MySpace" style picture.

Jessica and the Osadas - possible future hit music group?

Sarah, receiving a pre-show massage as stipulated in her performance contract. She also insists on the red M&Ms being removed from the serving tray.




The Ten Little Indians rhyme. People died and their names disappeared through the magic of PowerPoint.

We did eventually fill in that missing hole of a window. Just so ya know.

Oh no! Not Phillip!

Jonathan sat in a chair for what I'm going to guess is 85% of the play. So if you missed the play and wanted to see him, here's your shot.

It's ever so much fun to chat before we die.

What fun is a murder mystery without alcohol to be poisoned?

Was Abby crocheting or making pasta? We never found out.

And each one fits with the rhyme!

Poor Wargrave looks so torn up by all the deaths.

Quite a dog of the bulldog breed aren't you?

She was a thick, heavy set, countrified woman.

Is there anything else I can get you Miss, before I'm axed to death?

Note to self: make forehead gleam less.

Eventually, the killing started to wear on even the cheeriest of houseguests.

Honey, I'm home! Do we have any sticks?

Play note: Striped sweater sales skyrocketed 140% nationwide after the show.

Wouldn't MacKenzie and Emily made such a lovely couple?

A quick peek before the curtain. And then ... it's showtime.