"A Christmas Carol"
and "Countdown to New Years"

Captions by Rusty "I Fell Off the Chair On Purpose" Gillespie ('03)

Edited by Mr. Gaudet because Rusty's picture captions are so d*** long that they couldn't fit under the pictures anymore when I imported all these files into the new photo gallery format.

At the Theater

Corey & Rusty's Great collage of "A Christmas Carol"

Yeah, that seems to be a script.... I mean that's all good, we've still got..... two days. Oh, and that's counting the day of. Heh..... yeah.

Our two "Jaws" stars.

It really is surprising to note that that was, in fact, the first door. Ever.

Mr. Gaudet - man or machine??

I hate this picture.

This is basically how the entire set crew "set up" day went. Yeah, it did kinda rock.

Our first "Countdown to New Years" pic! Go us.... I guess.

That's Pat. He's fixin' a desk. The picture is called "patdesk" because of that.

This picture isn't really blurry. You see, for our play we've decided to use the latest in lighting technology, and make it appear ghostly

Hey! ....eh.... yeah! There ya go.

Yet ANOTHER carollers pic.

More Countdown to New Years, and yes, he's reading off of a script.

Pat gets his groove on. Literally.


Yup. Hard at work.

Yeah.... this is after we all dropped ... eh.... we look kinda stupid.

Heh... yeah as you can see our set rocks.

Haha, yeah.... this is Patrick waiting outside.... in the bleachers of our football stadium... during our set crew day. Why were we out there you ask?

After Ox and my attempt to take a nap failed miserebly, we ended up trying to fit our whole set crew in the truck. We failed that too.

You can't really see it, but in this picture we are attempting to say "6172" with our hands...

Trying to think about it now I can't quite remember why, but at this point we had indeed become so pissed off at Corey we attempted to run him over

Back at the Drama Room

This is Alex talking to Girl.

This part's kinda sad.... except for the fact that I overact it.... waaaaay too much (like... I over act over acting it).

Nobody really knew how that bee got there, or how he could be so big, but we did know one thing: he was damn funny.

Yes, that is Alex's fine butt. Eh... I'm not too sure how this one got here though... I mean it's one of my personal pictures.

I'd just like to say, for the record, that I did in fact catch that, even though it was clearly not intended for me.

Patrick Coy is a god.

Those crazy carollers are in his way...

Alex tries to go, but...

Yes, Alex is so pissed, he...

BAHs!!! at them. Boo-yah.

When Patrick filled in for Jennifer as Caroler #1, Alex tried to keep a straight face...

But who could resist the hilarity of that craaaaazy bee?

Here Rusty made a long comment about not reading the little mouseovers you used to have to do to read the picture captions. It was funny.

Scrooge is a jerk.


hahahahahaha...mommy my ear hurts....hahaha

I, er... fell down. Um... it's in the script! I swear!!!

Something many actors forget is that acting is also REacting. Like here, when Mr. Gaudet 'reacts' to my 'acting'... this is solid proof.

Seconds after this picture was taken of Mr. Gaudet and his "doppleganger," that huge bee behind him stung him and we had to rush Mr. G to the hospital

Holy poorly designed props that's one big turkey!

Here I look like I'm laughing .. or was it time that that stupid alien burst out of my chest.... man... that hurt a lot.

During one of our practices I noticed Alex drawing something, and this is what it was. This is proof that we really are tired of doing crap.

Man, this picture is just beautiful... I mean look at that fresh Thermo-Ply!

Everyone's so happy about that turkey... especially Tiny Tim. In fact, Tiny Tim appears to be stroking the turkey lovingly.... what a freak.

The scary part about this picture is how much Alex looks like he could be some wrestler.

Heh.... look at my face.... yes, I am laughing.

That Scrooge... what a generous and kind hearted old soul.

That was one hot kiss.

The infamous "awkward hug".

Maaaaan... this picture's so boring.

The infamous kiss scene, finally done right.


Here, Rusty goes on & on about something. I don't know what; I didn't read it too carefully. Check the bottom of the page for it.

Marley is by far the scariest part of our play.

"God bless us... everyone!" (I was kinda disappointed when I found out we didn't actually come up with that line)

Me fixing the un-broken stool.

Wow... is Patrick 'da man' or what?

Look at those two... so happy together...

When I look at this picture, I am reminded of bologna.... I mean, why is it spelled like that??

This is a picture taken from the lighthouse, looking down at the town. Just before the picture was taken, a cannon had gone off

I was kidding earlier.... it's not a real bee, it's just Patrick's Halloween costume. But man, he had us fooled for at least half the practice.

Man our script rocks!

Yes sir.... Alex is right there.

I'd say the best part about this scene is that I'm not in it.

The funny thing about young Scrooge and old Scrooge is how different they look... who would have thought it possible?

Alex had claimed to have a phone call... everyone laughed and had a good time, but the laughter stopped when we realized he thought he did

This is the one single part of our production that I am quite sure I will be unable to contain my laughter at...

Maaaaan, we ALMOST look tough in this pic.

This is us riding over to the theater on Ox's trailer. All I can really remember is Mr. Gaudet saying "Dammit!" each time we hit a bump.

Hahaha... I really just don't know what the deal is with this picture.

Mrs. Goodman really isn't that hard to convince, now that I think about it.

Hey!.. is that Alex in the background?

Ryan draws pictures of flowers while we all work at our play. Thanks Ryan.

There all just so happy to see that copy of the script.

Haha, yeah, this is our mattress. And this is our pee stain. Any questions?

Rusty's Comment About the Trumpet Pic

I think I'll take this opportunity to gripe about something that I usually don't complain too much about. You see, the whole trumpet player thing was my idea (I believe it originated as a joke, but it turned serious). Now the thing is, I never intended for there to be two trumpet players, or them playing seriously whatsoever. I wanted one trumpet player, playing just the first 12 notes of "Hail to the Chief", and playing very poorly and weakly... with a mute. The entire thing was ruined... and because of this I will always look back on this play and think to myself, "That money probably looked really fake from the audience."