Campus Cleanup 2014

June 6, 2014

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Pictures by Mr. G.

Painting Walls the Thespian Way

Painting began in Room 108A. Kat and Selena joyfully painted navy blue on the bottom tiers of bricks.

Dixie was fierce.

Matthew, with his intense paintbrush face.

Annalese and Nick look pretty cheerful as they baby-blue up the 108A room.

Nick punched Annalese and Selena laughed. Classic comedy!

Matthew, channeling his inner Statue of Liberty while Corina from the Community Club pitched in for a while.

Alexia was painting some names on the Wall of Fame. I wonder why Dixie looks so excited?

Raeann, updating the competition numbers on the Drama Wall.

Matthew led us on a merry march in to Miss Taylor's Room (109) with his skinny paint roller/drum major baton.

Free ice cream for break = time for a selfie. They had Drumstick chocolate cones. DRUMSTICKS. <3

Raeann, in her fanciest pose by our newly updated numbers.

Dixie, taking a picture of herself and her name, and then crying on that same phone for 45 minutes.

Lexus, painting Miss Taylor's room with great enthusiasm.

Our epic game of hide and seek.

Nick is really difficult to work with.

Emma was working with another club (TV Production? Maybe?) but visited long enough to shame Matthew for his makeup choices.

Even Daniella came to visit. Man ... so many distinct emotions in one picture.

The day was long, our arms were tired. And the next day, my back would lock up and I'd spend the entire day on a couch with ice. Aw yeah.

Groups got the okay to leave at 11:00, but we stuck around an extra hour to try to make Miss Taylor's room as great as we could.

We were strong.

We had fun.

We painted contemplatively.

We threatened other clubs with fierce shows of tribal unity.

All in all, a great day. Thanks to everyone who came out to paint!