State Competitions, 2014

March 27-29, 2014

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Pictures & Captions by Mr. G.

It all started with Dixie and Josh - they had a really early event in the Tampa Theater.

Bryan and Taylor took a really long picture near the Tampa Theater. It was raining.

Matthew decided he wanted a selfie with Deysha.

Ms. Blanco and Ms. Taylor hugging their favorite student of all time.

Talking about the hug, some hours later.

That first day we had FIVE events so we met early to shuffle off to lunch.

While waiting for Delaney and Brianna, we saw "Phillip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread."

Phillip need a.

Bryan was left breathless by the performance.

One thing Alexis is proud of is her crosswalking skill.

One thing we Thespians like to do is open our mouths wide when we pose for pictures, I've noticed.

Everyone wanted to be SCENE with Brianna's SCENE Design. haha! Get it?!

Brianna, and her scene design.

Josh and Dixie, recreating their Districts pose when they found out they got a Superior.

Hey! Who let the Kat out of the bag? hahahaha Wow I'm funny.

Delaney, doing her "I'm so pretty" pose.

Waiting for Delaney's Costume Design event.

[insert own caption here]

Because of rain on the first day, it wasn't until Day 2 that we could sit on the park grass to eat.

Jordan + eating = intensity.

More eating.

I'm not sure why Raven seems so sad.

A picture of Kat and Annalese.


By the Hillsborough River at the Straz Center.

We were going to take a Stage Combat workshop.

But the room was so small they only let 16 people take the class.

And since we had to work a Safe Belting workshop in 90 minutes we wandered around the Straz Center grounds.

There were ducks. (also not taking the Stage Combat workshop)

Trolley trip!

Meanwhile, BFFs Dixie and Taylor were getting balloon hats.

On Day 3, Josh and Alexis performed their Duet Acting scene.

Deysha ate half of their prop for "Phillip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread" so a band of us ran to Subway and bought them a new loaf of bread.

Matthew lived out his dream of getting a hot donut at the "Hot Donut" food truck.

Raven, making funny faces at Manny again.

Day 3 was filled with a lot of rain.

Instead of our daily pilgrimage downtown we had to eat $9 burgers at the Tampa Convention Center.

Dava, upset that fries are not included in that $9 total.

Good times.

Manny, making his pizza box talk as if it were alive.

We then had to leave early because an awful storm was rolling in through Tampa in just a half-hour.

Kathryn and what I am guessing is a spoon, on our farewell march out of the Convention Center.

Brianna took some pictures too. She wanted this one included.

Four different emotional states.

Taylor and her continuing fascination with scooters.

Brianna's selfie #2.

Ms. Blanco, shamelessly trying to get in another picture.

Taylor, coming back from talking to 6 Thespians who had scooters.

Eating. We seem to do that a lot.

Brianna's "A Portrait of Matthew, In Orange (2014)"

Another picture Brianna took.

Josh, excited to be riding back home. ~FIN~