District Competitions 2014

December 7, 2013

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In which I realize that virtually everyone in our troupe will make a funny face when I hold up a camera.

Pictures by Mr. Gaudet

We went to Wendy's for lunch, which is when I also realized I hadn't started taking pictures.

Shelby, Raven, and Lily are all in interesting various states of enjoying having their picture taken.

At the cafeteria where we commandeered a couple tables for official troupe business.

Delaney and Bryan are always in synch.

Representin' troupe 6172 and delicious beverages.

Miss Taylor, enjoying the closeup.


Kat, telling Annalese a delightful story.

Raeann, trying to hear Dava smile. I'm not saying I understand the game.

The "Plaza Suite" gang, featuring Nick's screwed-up-in-pain face.

Taylor, Matt and Kathryn just before their Student Directed Scene.

4 Thespians, 4 distinct characters. We got skillz.

Eric inspires sunflare wherever he goes.

During break in the Pantomime room before Jessica, Josh and Dixie went on.

Kat enjoyed the purchasing of several ribbons.

Josh's favorite ribbon was "Drama Queen." He indicated he wished he had purchased 30.

Taylor and her new friend.

Kathryn, Matt and Taylor after their Student Directed Scene.

"OMG did you hear about that Student-Directed Scene?"

9 looks of joy, 1 look of vomiting, and 1 look of Jordan.

Bryan is not easy to mentor.

Waiting outside the Duet Acting room.


Miss Blanco. Waiting.

Something else. No, just kidding. Waiting.


Raeann, carrying her Costume Construction entry.

Walking back from our last event.

To find out say whaaaaaaaaat? Critics' Choice in Pantomime!

Upon this discovery, Dixie cried for what may literally have been 20 minutes.

Aerial view.

All of us. Minus people who weren't there.

My handsome face.

Bryan and Delaney, in their first troupe Wendy's picture.

Jordan eating 4 chicken burgers in a row. Plus fries. Minus the one piece of lettuce he peeled off of each sandwich.

Dixie and Josh, and their Critics' Choice trophy. Yay!