State Competitions, 2013

March 21-23, 2013

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Pictures & Captions by Mr. G.

Day 1 of States. Always fun.

Spirits were high at the good ole Tampa Convention Center.

For lunch, Kelsey kept asking Brianna to put scraps of the park lawn on her knee.

Ashley seemed very quiet, but she kept the group together. Except for the day she missed the carpool. Then it was chaos.

Delaney, apparently looking up something that she thought was hilarious. Maybe knock-knock jokes?

Ellen and Cassandra? Together??????

Taylor, in her superhero guise as "The Trash Lady," a name which she came up with by herself.

Delaney feels that Kelsey's presence is near, but is unable to locate her.

Miss Taylor in the picture that she said is her favorite of all time. Or least favorite. I wasn't really paying attention.

Skeisen. The first "S" is silent.

Blue Eyes regards people with suspicion when they take pictures of him eating because he believes the camera takes the hamburger's soul.

Quiznos. 100% faster than "The Taco Bus" and 100% less deceptive about being a bus.

Alexis and Brianna share a secret joke. Or just happen to be smiling at the same time.

After Cassandra beat up Ellen and took her pizza slice.

3 Thespians, 3 facial expressions.

Nelia was usually at the center of the fun.

The fun with which we had at "Five Guys" was directly in proportion to its distance from the Convention Center (approx. 43 miles)

We went to go see "Picnic" at Ferguson Hall and it was lovely. We clean up nicely.

Good times were had by all. Even the 5 of us who were mysteriously seated in an entirely different section.

Blue Eyes kept an eye on the Hip Hop workshop.

As did Tyler and Taylor who masterfully worked the door of the other class that had 8 people attend it.

Signs don't lie.


I'm going to caption this picture "Between Two Friends" because that's what the name of their scene was. Ahahaha hahahah hahaha

Final event score of the trip (Superior).

Final Thespians of the trip (also Superior).