District Competitions 2013

December 8, 2012

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Pictures by Mr. Gaudet

Taylor began by "raising the roof" as Districs began.

Spirits were high as we marched towards registration.

We checked our judges' sheets, our scripts, and each other's ears.

Jordan slipped and spilled an entire gallon of bleach on Taylor.

Meghan discovered that she had a baby growing out of her right shoulder.

Brianna, Melissa, and Ashley stood near a wall, which they often do.

Ms. Nolan, Jessica, Marissa and hey there's Brianna again trying to get into every picture.

Alexia was pretty shy so Delaney and Brianna talked her down.

Cassandra and Ellen were um, well they were standing too. I guess we weren't doing much of anything at this point in the trip.


Christian standing, with a weird closeup effect.

High angle shot standing.

FINALLY. We sit down at lunch time.

We ate lunch boxes from Honey Baked Ham. Some of us were stuck with oatmeal raisin cookies. OATMEAL RAISIN.

The knights of the round table, without a table. Or knights.

There was hugging.

And um, whatever Alyssa's doing here. There was that, too.

Smiling, and looking up.

Tyler walking and Alexis ... choking on something I'm guessing.

On this trip, we all discovered that Alyssa and Alexis are secretly SISTERS. Whaaaaaaa

The obligatory game of "Ninja" that seems to sprout up when Thespians gather for lunch.

Standing or eating. It's what we do best.

Since you can't take pictures of the events themselves, this is uh, what we have pictures of.

Pizza, and it was good. There was a lot of it.

We got to wait for an hour and a half after the last event for Closing Ceremonies.

Miss Taylor and Miss Blanco who were, it looks like, sitting against a brick wall.

Blue Eyes and Tyler. Sitting. Pizza.

Taylor knocked over Tyler's soda onto his backpack. She did not clean it up but she did run away.

Then we waited for Closing Ceremonies.

Some people sang some songs.

So that was pretty good.

And uh, we stood in line. Good stuff.

The line started moving eventually.


Sitting in Closing Ceremonies.

This picture gallery has been brought to you by Deysha and Troupe 6172. : )